Recovery supplements for footballers

King Ing August 15, 2012 0

Muscle recovery is an important aspect of any footballer’s training regimen. Many believe that the training itself is the most important part. However, what you do following a session will greatly impact your overall results. This period is known as the recovery period. There are four key aspects of muscle recovery. They are restoring fluid and electrolytes, replenishing glycogen, reducing muscle and immune stress and rebuilding muscle protein. For each one of these steps to occur, proper nutrition during the recovery window is important.

Not only is obtaining nutrition during the recovery period key but so is the timing. In fact, studies have shown without proper timing, the best nutrition won’t provide desired results. By obtaining proper nutrition in the 60 minutes following a workout, muscle recovery will be greatly accelerated, producing stronger muscles. For nutrition during this recovery period, supplements are the best choice for footballers. They take the guess work out of how many nutrients are being provided, such as in the case of food. Supplements also absorb much more quickly in the blood than food will. This will lead to a faster recovery period. Also, recovery supplements come in portable and convenient forms that can be easily consumed even while leaving the gym.

In regards to the four components of recovery, restoring fluid and electrolytes is important after finishing a demanding workout. Simply hydrating with water alone is not going to be enough. Footballers need to rely on recovery drinks with electrolytes. Replenishing glycogen is important as this is the body’s fuel. Supplements for this would include carbohydrates. To reduce muscle stress, amino acids supplements are ideal during the recovery period. Also, rebuilding muscle protein is important which would also necessitate protein supplements. This can restore the level of muscle proteins within the body. Combined with the amino acids, protein provides an appropriate recovery for muscles.

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