Bernazard Loses a Job, Adam Rubin Loses Much More

Justin July 27, 2009 0

Mets GM Omar Minaya held a press conference today to announced the firing of team VP Tony Bernazard. And yet, the most noteworthy quote comes from somebody else.

“I don’t know how I’m going to cover the team now,” Rubin said.’s Adam Rubin, the Mets beat writer for the Daily News. At least he was until this afternoon, before Minaya insinuated that he wrote stories about Bernazard’s bad behavior, at least in part, because he wanted to take Bernazard’s job.

Where does Rubin go from here? How can he  write objectively about an organization whose most visible figurehead just called him out? How do his bosses handle the situation?

Omar Minaya always seemed like a quality guy. But as this Mets’ season continues to implode, and the walls start coming in around him, it seems Minaya’s true colors are starting to shine.  He’s pulling a Sarah Palin, blaming his mis-steps and failures on media members trying to advance their own personal agendas. Well, Sarah Palin’s approval numbers are in the toilet. Now, Minaya’s seem to be circling the rim.

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