Against the Spread (College Football Week 14)

DeGags November 28, 2008 2

Degags made Thanksgiving a great day as he was undefeated and up 14 units. He definitely earned his mashed potatoes this time. Let’s hope the hotness continues today and tomorrow.

This is a big weekend for the BCS. The Sooners may surpass the Longhorns for a trip to the big game. Yes, the same Longhorns who owned them a few weeks back 45-35. The BCS system doesn’t work, it sucks more than Patty Hostin at an RMA conference. We need a college playoff system, but since we don’t have one there black swans are our friends. What should happen, at times does not.

I start with the biggest game of the weekend:
The Sooners at the Cowboys. Their last two meetings have been decided by fewer than 9 points. OK State is a menacing force at home. They hate the Sooners, and they want to win this game more than the Sooners do. They’ll be damned if they let their rivals run up any style points. I predicted a 6 point spread and decided to take the Cowboys, I got a 7.5 point spread and am all over the Cowboys. 3 Units Okahoma Sate +7.5 over Oklahoma ATS.

Notre Dame at USC. Notre Dame sucks. But not as much as the BCS (or Patty Hostin for that matter.) Therefore, I don’t think it will be the blowout everyone thinks. USC is giving 32 points??? USC??? Please, this team couldn’t beat Iowa. They lost to Oregon State, a team that PSU beat by 10 points. I predict a upset here. But luckily we don’t need that, we’ll take ND to cover the 32 points. 2 Units ND +32 over USC.

Florida at Florida State. Florida crushed Citadel, but the Seminoles aren’t Citadel, they are the best in the ACC!! Florida State crushes the best they’ve faced!! Too bad they haven’t faced the best… ’till now. Florida wins this one, and they win big!! I’m feeling a 38-20 final score. That’s 18 points, Florida gives 17 with the bookies, I’ll take that bet. 3 Units Florida -17 over Florida St ATS.

Alabama at Auburn. Auburn has dominated the Tide in recent years. This matchup has been unforgiving for Bama. But Bama is undefeated, they are #1 and they are the Tide. Well I heard mister Young sing about her. Well I heard ole Neil put her down, Well I hope Neil Young will remember, A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow. Sweet home Alabama; Where the skies are so blue. Sweet Home Alabama; Lord, I’m coming home to you. Alabama not only covers, but wins outright. 2 Units Roll Tide over the Tigers -14.5 points ATS.

Finally, Mississippi St at Ole Miss. Ole Miss is the only team to beat Florida this year, and will remain the only team for the record books. -18 is a lot of points, but I believe this team is capable of a lot more. They’ll prove that this weekend (I Hope) when they defeat Miss St. 40 – 20. 2 Units Ole Miss -18 over Miss St. ATS.

Here are my 1 unit picks for the final week:
Georgia -8 over GT ATS
South Carolina +1 over Clemson ATS
Marshall +16 over Tulsa ATS
Tennessee -3.5 over Kentucky ATS
Oregon St. -3 over Oregon ATS
Vandy +4 over Wake Forest

Record: 17-13 (+14.4 units)


  1. Pat Casey November 28, 2008 at 7:15 pm -

    Hey, thanks DeGags!!

  2. Big John November 28, 2008 at 7:20 pm -

    Who the fuck is this guy??? I thought he was fucking nuts with some of his calls, but he won me 4 fucking g’s tonight!!! I’m riding him all the way to the Super Bowl!! I’ll give you 10 fucking grand for that crystal ball you have!! Who do I have to sleep with to get live score updates on your site? Or at least a DeGags meter that constantly updates? Against The Spread is the best damn handicapping column period. End of fucking story!! Wait till Vegas hears about this guy!

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