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Justin December 28, 2010 0

2010 is almost over. Did you have a nice year? NO ONE CARES IF YOU HAD A NICE YEAR. The only person that matters is me. And, yes, I had a nice year.  Let’s

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This Year Was A Good Year

California Correspondent December 28, 2009 0

We had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beers, and thank you for reading SportsCracklePop religiously periodically throughout the year. Here is a list of our our seminal moments and highlights of

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NFL 2008 Plays of the Year

King Ing January 7, 2009 0 has put together this great highlight reel of the most memorable moments of the 2008 regular season. After watching this you are just left mesmerized. So enjoy and turn up the volume!

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