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Wayne Rooney has no clue what Jay-Z looks like

King Ing June 16, 2011 0

Still on vacation in Barbados, Wayne Rooney must be taking in too much sun as he tweeted out this photo of himself with Jay-Z. Pretty sure Hova doesn’t have to wear a name tag

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Wayne Rooney and his new hair

King Ing June 6, 2011 0

So at the age of 25 Wayne Rooney decided to do something about his receding hairline. The man went ahead with a hair transplant…this is the end result

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Dustin Keller: Food blogger extraordinaire

King Ing April 1, 2010 0

It looks like Dustin Keller is getting into the food blogging game for the New York Times. And by the sounds of it he is a real meat and potatoes kind of guy. His

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I thought Snoop was a Steelers fan

King Ing September 10, 2009 1

Why in the world is he hanging out with LenDale White and Chris Johnson on gameday. Shouldn’t he be with Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall

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Stephon Marbury is video blogging for 24 hours

King Ing July 24, 2009 0

Stephon Marbury promised his Twitter followers 24 hours of live chatting on UStream starting at 9AM today. A little over one hour in and I am thouroughly entertained. Your day is not complete until

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Whining on Twitter = $25,000 fine for Mark Cuban

California Correspondent March 30, 2009 1

Billionaire Mark Cuban posted the two following gripes on Twitter: how do they not call a tech on JR Smith for coming off the bench to taunt our player on the ground ? (8:25

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Shaq loves Dairy Queen

King Ing March 23, 2009 0

And who doesn’t. I see that Shaquille O’Neal prefers the straight vanilla cone over my personal favorite, the Heath Bar Crunch Blizzard

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For Lance, Intimidation = Twitter + Cameraphone

California Correspondent December 16, 2008 0

This week Jimmy Fallon from SNL-fame joined the growing number of celebrities and athletes, such as Shaq and Lance Armstrong, who are using Twitter for self-promotion. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from following

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Rasheed Wallace nicknames his Pistons teammates

King Ing November 21, 2008 0

While a hot tempered guy on the court, the Pistons Rasheed Wallace seems to be a jokester off of it. Watch here while he rattles off the nicknames he has for some of his

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Shaq smacks back and starts a real Twitter thread

King Ing November 19, 2008 1

Shaquille O’Neal must have been fed up with the person that set up a fake Twitter account in his name. Because according to Alana G the Suns center has started Twittering on his own.

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