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Suck it Malware!!

King Ing April 6, 2011 0

Most of you probably noticed that SCP was down for a while due to the fact we were infected with a little thing called malware. Worry no more as we hired the best blog

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Happy Birthday to us! We turn one today

King Ing April 28, 2009 0

So today has been one full year of Sports Crackle Pop. Justin and California Correspondent wanted me to have some special stuff ready for this day, but if you know me that wasn’t going

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The inaugural game at the new Yankee Statium

California Correspondent April 3, 2009 0

Paul O’Neill (with a mobster-like shirt collar) and David Cone handled the commentary, Reggie Jackson threw the inaugural pitch, Wang threw the first pitch for a strike,  Jeter got the Yankees first hit (for

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CC’s Housewarming Gift

Gino Vaginelli December 19, 2008 0

Yankee’s Manager Joe Girardi presents new staff ace CC Sabathia with a new custom pinstripe cover for his Escalade … or is that a jersey

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Why did we start this site again?

King Ing April 28, 2008 0

Welcome to the fifty thousandth sports blog on the interweb. I could go on and on and on about what this site is about, but if you read this…then you probably read about 10

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