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Stuart Scott gives us a moving speech at the ESPYs

Stuart Scott gives us a moving speech at the ESPYs

King Ing July 17, 2014 0

Loved Stuart Scott, love him even more now. Watch his inspirational speech as he accepts the Jimmy V award at the ESPYs

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Vince Vaughn and SNL show us how the NBA on NBC theme originated

King Ing April 14, 2013 0

Everyone loves the old theme song for the NBA on NBC by John Tesh. Well thanks to Vince Vaughn and the fine folks at Saturday Night Live we get to see how the song

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Pretty sure you won’t see this on Friday Night Lights

King Ing September 24, 2009 1

Fox’s new show “Glee” has been getting great reviews. Even to the point where the network ordered another nine episodes after the pilot aired to 10 million viewers. I was not one of those,

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ESPN has nothing on WECT in Wilmington, NC

King Ing February 20, 2009 4

Improvising on live TV is something that happens all the time. But this is genius. I will let an email from Justin sum it up. “Last night  the sports department at WECT-TV got ready

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Tuesday night TV recap

California Correspondent June 4, 2008 0

– Obama gave his victory sermon speech and Hillary is out (even if she hasn’t conceeded yet). – If Hank Steinbrenner is putting his egg’s in Joba’s basket, he’s going to be disappointed. Joba

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Wednesday Night MLB Recap

California Correspondent May 29, 2008 0

Here’s what you missed from America’s Favorite Pastime last night: – The Rays’ Troy Percival pulled an Eight Belles, going down hard after pulling his hammy. Dan Wheeler replaced him to get the final

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Lots of Losers

California Correspondent May 8, 2008 2

We watched Wednesday night TV while you went out drinking. Here’s a recap of who lost big: Chien Ming Wang took the mound and took an L for the Yankees last night, as Cleveland

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Heimlich Maneuver Lessons

California Correspondent May 7, 2008 0

Tuesday proved to be a night of blown opportunities — and no, I wasn’t on the receiving end of any such opportunity, unfortunately. A recap of the people who choked: Gavin Floyd blew his

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Monday Night MLB Recap

California Correspondent May 6, 2008 2

Maybe you were too busy watching Asher get outted on Gossip Girl (like King Ing), or perhaps you were watching the Pistons and Hornets extend their leads to 2-0 in the Playoffs. Either way,

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