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Clowntime Is Over: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin September 1, 2010 0

The season’s fast approaching and things are starting to get serious. Let’s take a closer look at Week 4 of HBO’s Hard Knocks

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Pretty Words: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin August 18, 2010 1

Week 2 of HBO’s greatest show since “Dream On” and things are starting to take shape. No time to huddle. We’ve got our initial impressions. We’ve got our Elvis Costello headline. Let’s talk Hard

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Welcome To The Working Week: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin August 11, 2010 0

The temperature reached 93 degrees in Midtown Manhattan today. The humidity lingered around 60 percent. Who feels like talking football? Let’s discuss Week 1 of the new season of greatest idea in television history,

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Prepare For Takeoff: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin August 10, 2010 0

Starting tomorrow, Hard Knocks comes to the Big Apple (adjacent.) The Amazing HBO series profiles the Superbowl hopeful New York Jets this season. As we did last year, SCP will provide a wrap up

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Vincent Chase Must Die

Justin July 19, 2010 2

While watching Entourage on HBO last night, I found myself checking the clock to see how much longer it was going to last.  I was bored out of my mind. A show that was

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Especially If They’ve Had Their Boobies Sneezed on by a Tiger

Justin May 27, 2010 0

Here is an example of a person with too much time on his hands  and how that excess time makes all of us happier as people. Someone sat down and transcribed every single thing

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Turtle is No Longer The Schlubiest Guy on HBO

Justin March 24, 2010 0

That title now belongs to Rex Ryan

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Jim Nantz’s Perfect Week

Justin February 2, 2010 0

“Never open an email from Phil Simms with your kids in the room.” Who knew Jim Nantz could be funny? That was just one of the great lines he delivered during a surprisingly raunchy

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LiveBlog: Barkley on SNL

Justin January 10, 2010 2

Does anyone watch Saturday Night Live anymore? Yes. I do. And it’s been terrible all year (except for Taylor Swift, who was surprisingly excellent.) So, what do you do when a franchise is languishing?

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The Crackle Endorses

Justin October 31, 2009 1

It was just about one year ago that SportsCracklePop decided to issue its first ever endorsement.  And based almost entirely on that internet posting, Barack Obama went on to be elected President of the

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