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The Waiting: Hard Knocks 2012 Episode 4

Justin August 28, 2012 0

I had a fantasy draft this week. As far as I can remember, Reggie Bush was the only Dolphin drafted. Why do we care about this team? Let’s see if we can come up

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Even The Losers: Hard Knocks 2012 Week 3

Justin August 21, 2012 0

Now that number 85 got 86′ed, The Dolphins and Hard Knocks needs to find a new center of attention. How’d they do? Let’s find out

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Time To Move On: HBO’s Hard Knocks 2012 Week 2

Justin August 14, 2012 0

The Dolphins made some news this week, but it was off the field. How will HBO handle it? Let’s find out:  

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Learning To Fly: Hard Knocks 2012 Week 1

Justin August 8, 2012 0

After a one-year absence, HBO’s Hard Knocks is back. And after a one year absence, so are our weekly Hard Knocks reviews. This year, the NFL Films cameras will be chronicling the training camp

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Eli Manning DID Host Saturday Night Live. You’re Welcome, America!

Justin May 6, 2012 0

You know who I think is hilarious? Me. I think I am hilarious. I crack myself up all the time. A few months ago, I decided Eli Manning should host Saturday Night Live. Then,

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Rocky vs Annie Hall: 24/7 Flyers Rangers Week 3

Justin January 1, 2012 0

Better late than never, I guess.  A combination of early work, busy days and tight tv time means I didn’t get to watch this week’s episode of HBO’s 24/7: Flyers Rangers until Sunday afternoon.

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Hall and Oates vs Simon and Garfunkel: 24/7 Flyers/Rangers Week 2

Justin December 22, 2011 0

No time to waste. Let’s dive in to the second episode of HBO’s brilliant Winter Classic Preview 24/7: Flyers/Rangers

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Jason Sudeikis Saves

Justin December 19, 2011 0

King Ing and I disagree on things from time  to time. One of the longest standing disagreements is about Jimmy Fallon. King hates him.  I think he’s funny and his talk show is pretty

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Cheesecakes vs Cheese Steaks: 24/7 Flyers/Rangers Week 1

Justin December 15, 2011 1

Welcome back, HBO Sports. It’s been a while Thanks to last summer’s NFL lockout, there was no Hard Knocks 2011. That means SCP hasn’t chronicled an HBO sports series since last winter’s 24/7 Penguins/Capitals.

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Justin July 28, 2011 1

Here’s the unvarnished truth: Derek Jeter’s a boring guy. I recently read Ian O’Connor’s thoroughly mediocre biography of the Yankee captain and that was the most glaring fact. He’s just not a particularly compelling human being.

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