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2008 Belmont Stakes Preview

King Ing June 6, 2008 12

Will Big Brown complete the trifecta or will an upstart horse ruin his day? 1. Big Brown – The winner of the first two legs of the Triple Crown. We all know how good

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Preakness infield 2008 doesn’t disappoint

King Ing May 19, 2008 13

Big Brown might have won the second leg of the Triple Crown, but the real action was on the infield of Pimlico. From the porta-john racing, fights, and a report of a couple fornicating

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Preakness over and my wallet $200 lighter

California Correspondent May 18, 2008 0

Good thing I took King Ing’s predictions because that $200 was burning a hole in my wallet. I spent the afternoon watching Angels vs Dodgers interleage play, but took a 2 minute break to

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2008 Preakness Stakes Preview

King Ing May 16, 2008 15

The Preakness is my favorite live sporting event; not only because of the animalistic behavior of everyone in the infield, but because I like betting on every race without an inkling of race horse

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What will the Preakness infield think of next?

King Ing May 16, 2008 0

The Preakness Stakes means the second leg of the Triple Crown to most. But to those that actually invade the infield, it means something else. Basically 120,000 people, mostly college kids and young professionals

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I dont think I would actually eat the sandwich

King Ing May 7, 2008 4

From Deadspin comes the greatest way to sneak booze into the racetrack. Cadaverblender gives you a “step by step booklet” on how to make the ultimate alcohol sandwich. I think its great for sneaking

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Eight Belles Was A Horse. This Is What Horses Do. They Die.

Justin May 5, 2008 4

As always, Vince Vaughn serves as the voice of reason. In Old School, Vaughn’s character tried to comfort Luke Wilson over the death of Blue, by explaining that Blue was old, and old people

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PETA is pissed

King Ing May 5, 2008 0

With the horrific life ending injury to Eight Belles, it was only time before PETA would release a statement. “This young filly’s death may have been humane, but the race sure wasn’t. PETA is

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The Kentucky Derby: I was a quarter right

King Ing May 4, 2008 2

What a showing by Big Brown. Just watching replays of the way he ran the race makes me think its very possible for him to win the Triple Crown. Although my picks were way

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Kentucky Derby Preview

King Ing May 2, 2008 9

Derby day is one of my favorite days of the year. It has become a yearly tradition of my friends to make a quick Jack and Diet (otherwise known as JD-DC) in a 20

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