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The Basketball Bathroom

King Ing October 26, 2011 0

Everyone else might be raining three pointers on this toilet, but I would go for the sure two and dunk my sh#t. -H/T Midwest Sports Fan

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Owen Wilson grips it and rips it

King Ing September 15, 2010 0

Owen Wilson does exactly what I wanted to do to my computer over the last couple of days

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Sox Game so Boring that Stephen King Prefers to Read

California Correspondent October 14, 2008 2

It was the top of the 7th and the Rays were just anihilating the Red Sox with an 11-1 lead. The fans were eerily silent, but not because they were all reading an f’ing

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No shortage of soccer magazines

California Correspondent June 8, 2008 0

I was transferring in Heathrow in London yesterday and I counted 15 different soccer magazines on the rack (photo credit: me). In fact, some teams even have their own magazine, including Arsenal, Chelsea and

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