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This guy won’t be doing the Jeremy Lamb shake anytime soon

King Ing April 18, 2011 0

While the real Jeremy Lamb was out helping UCONN win a national title, Ernest Hamrick of West Hartford was busy pretending to be the freshman star for another reason. It all started when Hamrick

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Jets Fan Sues The Fraudulent Patriots

tommy neumann April 15, 2010 10

Today, the Jets and Patriots intense rivalry is moving from the football field to a courtroom. Carl J. Mayer, Jets season-ticket holder, and, most important, a lawyer, has filed a lawsuit accusing the Patriots

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Does Tiger blaze the ganga too?

tommy neumann December 4, 2009 0

It appears one of Tiger Woods mistresses knows the difference between indica and sativa. Jaimee Grubbs, who is telling anyone who will listen about her exploits with the worlds most famous golfer, used to

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Justin May 20, 2009 0

You may remember that Andrew Giuliani, the apparently dickish son of noted dick and former failed Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani, tried to sue Duke University after he was thrown off the golf team.  He

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