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Iraqi Detainees Torture Packer Fans

tommy neumann November 23, 2009 2

Apparently, Viking fans aren’t the only ones taunting the people of Wisconsin over the resurgence of Brett Favre. In what seemed like harmless fun, a Wisconsin National Guard Unit charged with keeping watch over detainees

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South Jersey Apparently Lacks for Smarties

Justin November 12, 2009 0

in 2008, voters in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district elected a Democrat. Apparently, many of them are now having second thoughts about that decision, because experts say Representative Jon Adler is in some trouble

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He’s Not Scared to Take On The Big Issues

Justin October 31, 2009 0

There’s only one thing preventing a massive brawl between sports fans in New York City and Philadelphia this weekend. And that one thing is the state of New Jersey. Ahh yes, my beloved Garden

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Rush to Judgement

Justin October 13, 2009 1

A lot of people have spoken out since it was announced that Rush Limbaugh was being considered as a potential part owner of the St. Louis Rams. There have been comments from former and

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Why The Rush? Considering the Rams Prospective Ownership

Justin October 6, 2009 4

Noted radio personality and “Big Fat Idiot” Rush Limbaugh is said to be one of the investors involved in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams.  Let’s discuss the potential ramifications of this

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The Chargers Wear Blue, But Vote Red

Justin September 18, 2009 1

Like most football fans, I prepare for a weekend of games by tuning into the Friday night edition of MSNBC”s “The Rachel Maddow Show.” Tonight, everyone’s favorite ultra liberal lesbian pundit discussed a new

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Are Sports Figures the Only People in Massachusetts?

Justin September 17, 2009 0

Just weeks after despicable human Curt Schilling discussed the possibility of running for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, someone else with ties to the Beantown sports scene has thrown his hat into the ring: Celtics

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Bloomberg Wraps Up the Ever Important Puerto Rican Catcher Vote

Justin September 8, 2009 1

So, this happened: In the mayoral race, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has been trotting out daily endorsements for weeks and who is hardly a sports fan, is poised to get the nod today

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I Yield to Senator Douchebag

Justin September 2, 2009 2

This is literally my worst nightmare: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling says he has “some interest” in running for the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate seat. The longtime Republican supporter wrote Wednesday

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If We Control The Media, Why Does ESPN Want Us To Sin? (UPDATE!)

Justin September 1, 2009 1

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is the latest to call ESPN out for moving the Yankees-Red Sox game on September 27th from the afternoon until 8 o’clock that night. (ed: and it worked)

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