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Mayor Menino would probably screw up Barack Obama’s name

King Ing January 17, 2013 0

I really think he does this on purpose. No way you can continually screw up names like Boston mayor Tom Menino. You get Tom Brady, but when it comes to Vince Wilfork and Rob

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It’s Now More Relevant Than Ever

Justin September 7, 2012 0

John Kerry mentioned Rocky 4 during his speech at the DNC last night. So, let’s watch the speech that ended the Cold War

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President Obama Rubs It In

Justin June 26, 2012 0

Noted White Sox fan Barack Obama was in Boston for a fundraiser yesterday. It was a speech by a liberal President in front of a liberal audience who paid to see him speak in,

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Tim Thomas Hopes The Bruins Don’t Win The President’s Trophy (UPDATED!)

Justin January 23, 2012 0

The Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins went to the White House today. Well, most of them did.  

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Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Tebowing

King Ing January 10, 2012 0

Being a man of his word, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl made good on his bet with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Tebowed in a Tim Tebow jersey. It must pain so many people to

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Mike Tyson As Herman Cain Is The Greatest Thing Ever This Week

Justin November 9, 2011 0

Remember when Mike Tyson was a dangerous psychopath and not America’s preeminent comedian?  Times have certainly changed Herman Cain’s Campaign Promises with Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson

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The Matt Weiters Fanclub Has One Less Member

Justin October 22, 2011 0

One of the Occupy Wall Street protestors climbed up a sculpture at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan this morning, then sat up there for more than 3 hours with nothing but his Matt Wieters

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What A Riot!

Justin August 11, 2011 0

It seems like the chaos in London has subsided a bit, so now I feel comfortable making fun of it. Here’s the Logo for the London 2012 Olympic Looting team. h/t Beltway Buddy via

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Obama Loses the Key “Former Ranger” Vote

Justin August 5, 2011 0

Former New York Ranger defenseman Ron Greschner  is apparently shopping for a new Presidential candidate. At least that’s what his facebook status update seems to indicate H/T Bob’s Blitz

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Sexting With Mom or “The Reverse Clinton”

Justin June 7, 2011 0

“What is wrong with these people?” No hello. No how are you. My mom just jumped right into the conversation. She called me yesterday, at the tail end of the Anthony Weiner press conference.

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