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Epic Rap Battle: Tim Tebow v Tom Brady

King Ing January 12, 2012 0

Tom Brady and Tim Tebow put the Drake and Common beef to shame

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Lob City (LA Clippers Remix)

King Ing December 28, 2011 0

That didn’t take long. The first song about the LA Clippers and Lob City has hit the airwaves. You can thank rapper Tyga for this. Meh Bleh Blah

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You Down With JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul)

King Ing December 20, 2011 0

Yep. Jason Pierre-Paul. I think the video will speak for itself

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All Tim Tebow does is win

King Ing December 12, 2011 1

This is the only time I can listen to Skip Bayless talk for more than a minute

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Moving Like Tebow

King Ing November 21, 2011 0

As much as I want to hate on this song, I can’t do it. You will find me moving like Tebow over the holidays

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Duke Basketball is Worldwide

King Ing October 21, 2011 0

DJ Steve Porter and the 2011 Duke Basketball team get you un-pumped for the upcoming season

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Snoop Dogg shows off his soccer skills

King Ing October 12, 2011 0

Move over Ronaldhino, there is a new soccer magician in town and his name is Snoop Dogg. Check out his skills as he promotes his new European tour

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Philadelphia Phillies “Summertime” Anthem

King Ing August 19, 2011 2

Ever wonder what a Philadelphia Phillies song over Will Smith’s “Summertime” instrumental would sound like? Well wonder no more. Straight out of suburban Philly, B.K. does the honors and laces us with this gem.

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The Return of Rock and Jock

Justin August 16, 2011 2

I’ve written in the past about a line in Ben Fold’s song, “Late”, that mentions him playing basketball with the singer Eliot Smith. I love the idea of indie rockers getting together in the

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Stan Kroenke and Arsene Wenger remake an Eminem song

King Ing August 10, 2011 0

Thanks to Gunnerblog, we get to see what the behind the scenes conversations between Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke and manager Arsene Wenger are like…if they talked with Eminem’s song “Stan” playing in the background.

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