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Say it ain’t so John Terry

King Ing May 23, 2008 0

The Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea was one for the ages. There were so many subplots ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo’s hero-goat-glory story to Didier Drogba’s red card for slapping Nemanja Vidić

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The Champions League Final: Manchester United v Chelsea

Gianluca May 21, 2008 5

What makes this all English Final so important? It will finally give English Football some recognition. After a dismal exit from the qualifiers for the Euro, England has a chance to stay in the

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ESPN pushing Euro 2008 and I am loving it

King Ing May 16, 2008 0

I am digging these commercials from ESPN promoting their coverage of Euro 2008. The ads released feature Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. Too bad we can’t see one featuring England and “God Save

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The Red Devils take round 1

King Ing May 11, 2008 1

Entering the final day of league play, Manchester United and Chelsea found themselves tied for the league lead. The Red Devils controlled their own destiny as they had a commanding advantage in the goal

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Champions League Review/Preview

Gianluca April 29, 2008 1

So, where do I start? Well, the return game between Man U. and Barcelona promises to be outstanding. The first leg should have gone to Barcelona who dominated the game. Unfortunately for the Blaugranas,

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