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Final Pics, PR Fix and Tournament Mix

Justin March 19, 2013 0

A few weeks ago, a young man was killed by a hit and run driver as he walked across the West Side Highway in Manhattan early on a Saturday morning. In covering the story,

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Lady Parts, Power Charts and Diplomatic Smarts

Justin March 10, 2013 0

Let’s talk about thought process. More specifically, my thought process after reading this comment, which was recently posted to SCP: Jeannie Says: February 23rd, 2013 at 6:26 pm You watched an NBA game over

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Music Poor, Laker Lure and Connect Four

Justin February 24, 2013 0

I have Johnny Cash on my Ipod, but it’s only there so I’ll look cool if anyone ever looks at my music library. In reality, I skip Johnny Cash every time one of his

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Internet Dates, All Time Greats and Russian Fates

Justin February 18, 2013 0

“Can I tell her to look at your website?” That’s what my friend asked me, after telling me she had a woman who she wanted to set me up with. I said yes. Was

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Glorious Headgear, Glaring Error and TOO MUCH FOOTBALL

Justin February 10, 2013 1

Internet, I know what you’re thinking. “Boy, Justin, you are really something special.  The only thing that could make you better would be a customized teal Nike tennis bandanna.” Well, guess what! And I know

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Musical Noise, Preternatural Poise and Athletes’ Boys

Justin February 4, 2013 0

Thank god that’s over. Two weeks between playoff rounds is a long time.  It gives the media covering the Super Bowl time to get creative with the angles they want to highlight, then beat

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Open Laces, Open Secrets and Aussie Opens

Justin January 28, 2013 0

“Time to go to work,” I thought, as I left my apartment one morning last week. The walk to the subway is 3 blocks up and two blocks over. It takes about five minutes.

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Great Mix, Bad Picks and Why Not Trix?

Justin January 14, 2013 1

As many readers already know, last week, I read Rob Sheffield’s memoir “Love Is A Mixtape.” The book got me thinking. Not about life or death or love or marriage. It got me thinking

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Child Stars, Surgery Scars and A Story by Lars

Justin December 25, 2012 0

You know what’s an underrated story? The kid who played the youngest son on Home Improvement ended up marrying a much older woman and then joining some sort of cult. At least I think

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Concert Planning, Eli Manning and Dickey Banning

Justin December 17, 2012 0

Maybe my issues began even before the show did. I was so excited for the 12-12-12 concert, held to benefit Sandy victims at MSG last Wednesday, that I cancelled plans to make sure I

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