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Skipping Class and Playing Video Games

Justin April 24, 2010 1

Was there a second secret NCAA championship game Monday night?  Did the world decide the Butler story was so great that it had to end with them winning a national title, so they replayed

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Of The Last Next Big Thing and The New One

Justin April 17, 2010 1

We start this week with some reader feedback. Marcus responded to my complaints about SI arriving last last week with this comment: The SI’s always a day late on NCAA title week, because the

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Black Dongs, FanGraphs and Lyrical Gymnastics

Justin April 10, 2010 2

Before we jump into this week’s review, a quick message to the good folks at Time, inc. My Sports Illustrated arrived late this week, and that throws of my schedule. I am a loyal

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Workmanlike Efforts and Slave Auctions

Justin April 3, 2010 0

Today we start a new weekly feature on the ol’ Crackle. I am a subscriber to Sports Illustrated. I read it religiously, half of the articles on Thursday and half on Friday. You may

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