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Swampy Pants, Scary Dudes and Miserable Hacks

Justin August 6, 2010 2

Let’s talk about my balls. More accurately, let’s talk about the 10 square inch pocket of air that exists between my balls and my pants. It’s pretty humid in there. AND I DON’T LIKE

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A Note To Our Readers

Justin July 30, 2010 0

Hi. How’s everything? Glad to hear it. Let me get right down to brass tacks. Sports Illustrated put out their annual summer double issue this week. As a result, it’s going to take me

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Plane Crashes, Wife Beaters and Bad Comparisons

Justin July 24, 2010 0

I’m gonna start this week with part of a reader comment.  This was written by someone named jumpshooter, in reference to my review a couple of weeks back. There is some wit to your

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Catcher Fools, Cauliflower and Cabrera

Justin July 16, 2010 0

We open this week with a welcome to some special readers: Hello, family of Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann.  You must be reading, because I don’t know who else would react so quickly and

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Fuck it, I’m Wearing Jeans

Justin July 9, 2010 1

Am I downtown chic? I am hip and fun? These are questions I’ve been asking myself for the better part of a week. I am not having an existential crisis or looking to recreate

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Mothers, Sons and Cousins

Justin July 3, 2010 1

Let’s talk about movies. More specifically, let’s talk about movie posters. I walked by a theatre this morning and saw an ad for Cyrus. John C Reilly plays a guy who dates Marisa Tomei

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Zen and The Art of Kitchen Maintenance

Justin June 26, 2010 1

I have never actually taken a cooking class, nor do I have any actual culinary skills.  Still, I’ve recently decided to declare myself a master chef. This may sound a bit rash to you.

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Near Perfect, Far From Perfect, and Some Dude With Balloons

Justin June 12, 2010 2

“You seen my cell phone?…What’s it look like? Like two horses fucking. It’s a phone, son. It looks like a phone.” Did that make you laugh? Do you want more of it? Well, have

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Redd Foxx, Black Hawks, and the Ol’ Red, White and Blue

Justin June 5, 2010 0

John Wooden was 99 years old. He coached his last game at UCLA three years before I was born. I have no particular affinity for the UCLA program or any of the players who

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God Damn, That’s A Lot of Magazine

Justin May 28, 2010 0

If you know me, you know that I’m a slave to ritual. I wake up at the same time every day then go through the exact same routine every morning, down pretty much to

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