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Zen and The Art of Kitchen Maintenance

Justin June 26, 2010 1

I have never actually taken a cooking class, nor do I have any actual culinary skills.  Still, I’ve recently decided to declare myself a master chef. This may sound a bit rash to you.

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Near Perfect, Far From Perfect, and Some Dude With Balloons

Justin June 12, 2010 2

“You seen my cell phone?…What’s it look like? Like two horses fucking. It’s a phone, son. It looks like a phone.” Did that make you laugh? Do you want more of it? Well, have

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Redd Foxx, Black Hawks, and the Ol’ Red, White and Blue

Justin June 5, 2010 0

John Wooden was 99 years old. He coached his last game at UCLA three years before I was born. I have no particular affinity for the UCLA program or any of the players who

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God Damn, That’s A Lot of Magazine

Justin May 28, 2010 0

If you know me, you know that I’m a slave to ritual. I wake up at the same time every day then go through the exact same routine every morning, down pretty much to

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Old Before Our Time

Justin May 21, 2010 0

Let me start by thanking our good friend John, from 200 Miles From the Citi, for sitting in for me last week on SI review duty. He did an excellent (and grammatically pristine) job.

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The Big Sidekick and Boring Science

King Ing May 15, 2010 0

Justin again somehow got chosen to be the best man at a wedding, fortunately we have John from 200 Miles from the Citi to fill the void. (If you like the Mets and you

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The Good, The Bad and The ‘Burgh

Justin May 7, 2010 0

It’s been a strange week here at SCP Central. On Tuesday evening, I saw Mike Tyson on a New York City street corner. At one point, I was about 6 inches from him. Silly

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Group Stuff, Foursomes and One Big Gay Dude

Justin May 1, 2010 0

Let’s harken back to the olden days, all the way back to a time when an ice cream sundae represented a fun treat to me, and not, as it does now, a moment of

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Skipping Class and Playing Video Games

Justin April 24, 2010 1

Was there a second secret NCAA championship game Monday night?  Did the world decide the Butler story was so great that it had to end with them winning a national title, so they replayed

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Of The Last Next Big Thing and The New One

Justin April 17, 2010 1

We start this week with some reader feedback. Marcus responded to my complaints about SI arriving last last week with this comment: The SI’s always a day late on NCAA title week, because the

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