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College Ball, College Buddies and College Grads

Justin November 20, 2010 0

So, Justin, you’ve made no secret about the fact that you don’t like college football very much. But, what are your feelings on college basketball? Well, hypothetical reader posing strangely appropriate questions, I enjoy

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REM, BCS and An X At The End

Justin November 13, 2010 0

I have excellent taste in music. It spans genres and generations. It’s eclectic (which is a fancy way of saying it spans genres and generations.) It’s something I take quite a bit of pride

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Missing Mags, Maddening Motivations and Mormony Mormons

Justin November 6, 2010 0

We’re doing things a little bit differently this week. Ordinarily, I sit and write these reviews with a paper copy of Sports Illustrated sitting right next to me at my desk. That way, I

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Headaches, Horseshit and Harlem Globetrotters

Justin October 31, 2010 0

I’m a slave to routine. I wake up at the exact same time every morning.  I go to the gym, shower, eat breakfast and leave for work at exactly the same time. It’s the

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Fantasy Teams, Fantasy Worlds and Fantasies Shattered

Justin October 23, 2010 1

I don’t know if I’m comfortable living in a world where Nenad Krstic can be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But at least I can identify him without having to read the caption.

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Good Books, Bad Jobs and Terrible Language

Justin October 9, 2010 1

First of all, I’d like to thank Michael Weinreb for filling in last week. He did a great job and I’m not too proud to say I may steal some of the ideas he

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“I’m Sending My Rooster to College”: A Guest Reviewer Joins SCP

Justin September 30, 2010 0

ED NOTE: My tour of Nuptials continues on for yet another week (Good luck Ethan and Amy and Kim and Guy. ((those are two separate couples who held two separate weddings, not one wacky

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Property Of…, Picture Perfect, Perfect Player

Justin September 24, 2010 0

(Hi.  John again from 200 Miles From the Citi.  This is my last fill-in for Justin during his ultra-busy fall.  He’ll have another week away next week, and I think he has someone special

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DVR Dilemmas, Pure Poetry and A Ton of Trash

Justin September 18, 2010 0

I’d like to start this week by thanking John for filling in last week. And to pre-thank him for filling in next week. We’re going to have a special guest fill in on October

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Early Arrival, Middling Former Pros, Late Touchdowns

Justin September 10, 2010 0

(Hi.  It’s John from 200 Miles From the Citi.  Justin is out of town for a bachelor party.  That’s great news for me because I get to pinch hit as the Sports Illustrated reviewer

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