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Early Arrival, Middling Former Pros, Late Touchdowns

Justin September 10, 2010 0

(Hi.  It’s John from 200 Miles From the Citi.  Justin is out of town for a bachelor party.  That’s great news for me because I get to pinch hit as the Sports Illustrated reviewer

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Bad Gifts, Good Guys, and Decent Articles

Justin August 27, 2010 0

Its about that time again. My SI subscription is set to run out next month. Obviously, I’m going to renew. But, as is the case with everything else in my life, I’m being lazy 

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Presidential Dick Jokes, Bad Puns and a Happy Ending

Justin August 21, 2010 0

…and that’s how the 1960 Presidential election convinced me to start a new fantasy football league. Let’s start from the beginning and go through this step by step. In 1961, Theodore White published a

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Peaking, Stealing and Catching Up With The Gilmore Girls

Justin August 13, 2010 2

I have a problem. Well, I have a lot of problems. Today, we will focus on one. It ends with a funny story, though, and you all like funny stories. Here’s the problem: I

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Swampy Pants, Scary Dudes and Miserable Hacks

Justin August 6, 2010 2

Let’s talk about my balls. More accurately, let’s talk about the 10 square inch pocket of air that exists between my balls and my pants. It’s pretty humid in there. AND I DON’T LIKE

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A Note To Our Readers

Justin July 30, 2010 0

Hi. How’s everything? Glad to hear it. Let me get right down to brass tacks. Sports Illustrated put out their annual summer double issue this week. As a result, it’s going to take me

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Plane Crashes, Wife Beaters and Bad Comparisons

Justin July 24, 2010 0

I’m gonna start this week with part of a reader comment.  This was written by someone named jumpshooter, in reference to my review a couple of weeks back. There is some wit to your

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Catcher Fools, Cauliflower and Cabrera

Justin July 16, 2010 0

We open this week with a welcome to some special readers: Hello, family of Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann.  You must be reading, because I don’t know who else would react so quickly and

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Fuck it, I’m Wearing Jeans

Justin July 9, 2010 1

Am I downtown chic? I am hip and fun? These are questions I’ve been asking myself for the better part of a week. I am not having an existential crisis or looking to recreate

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Mothers, Sons and Cousins

Justin July 3, 2010 1

Let’s talk about movies. More specifically, let’s talk about movie posters. I walked by a theatre this morning and saw an ad for Cyrus. John C Reilly plays a guy who dates Marisa Tomei

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