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New Words, New Saviors and New Perspectives

Justin February 11, 2011 1

Readers, do you remember Snigglets? They’re “words that aren’t in the dictionary, but should be.” It was a comedy bit that Rich Hall turned into an empire of TV appearances and multiple books. Sort

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Stealing Hackers, Steelers/Packers and Pretense Lackers

Justin February 4, 2011 2

And now, a moderate annoyance, written in the style of a 1940’s  crime noir story. (Why 1940’s crime noir? Fuck You. That’s why.) The wind blew cold off the icy Gotham street, as I

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Old News, Old Friends and One Old White Rapper

Justin January 29, 2011 1

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. I’ve always looked at that event as a major influence in making me the person I am today. It’s the first news event I remember,

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Bad TV, Bad Behavior and Bad Reading

Justin January 22, 2011 0

As much as I like MSNBC, MSNBC sucks. This is not a political statement. I’m a super liberal upper crust New York Jew stricken with social guilt and an irrational fear of guns. I’m

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Same Old Same Old

Justin January 19, 2011 0

Hello, Internet. I’d like to start this week with a gigantic I TOLD YOU SO! But, I’ll admit, even I was shocked by how quickly homeless Ted Williams spiraled from overnight sensation to cautionary

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Seasons Greetings and Suicide Watches

Justin December 25, 2010 0

Merry Christmas, Dickheads. Sports Illustrate: December 27th,

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Worthless Opinions, Wordy Writers and Welcome Additions

Justin December 18, 2010 1

I thought this one would sort of put a crimp in the operation. This week’s Sports Illustrated is the annual “Year In Sports Media” issue. So, what am I to do?  It would be

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Frozen Toes, Cooling Interest and Lukewarm Impressions

Justin December 11, 2010 0

I went to a taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart this week.  How was it? That’s nice of you to ask, best case scenario of an imagined generic reader. I’ll tell you

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Holidays, Heroes and Hockey Goals

Justin December 4, 2010 0

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? I have.  I also haven’t started yet. One of the benefits of being both Jewish* and single** is that I don’t have to buy shit for anyone.

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Questions, Conundrums and A Lesson On How To Live

Justin November 27, 2010 0

What Continent is the Middle East in? Look at a map. Is it Africa?  Is it Asia? Is it Europe? Most people just consider it a stand alone region. But it must be on

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