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Fires, Liars and Rock and Roll Skyers

Justin July 2, 2011 0

This is one of those “only in New York” moments. On Friday morning, at around 10:15, I was walking West on 86th street, towards 3rd avenue. It was already hot out, probably in the

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A Sub, Some Clubs and The Hub

Justin June 27, 2011 0

As regular* readers know, I was out of town this past week. On that note, congratulations to Beltway Buddy, who guessed, “the train ride home on Day 5,”  as the answer to our recent

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Amish Living, Credit Giving and Little League Fibbing

Justin June 17, 2011 0

I like the show, “In Plain Sight,” on USA. Mary McCormack plays a perpetually angry US Marshall who oversees people in the witness protection agency. Her partner’s name is Marshall, which means he is

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Personal Space, Playoff Pace and A Bit Off Base

Justin June 10, 2011 0

And now, the latest edition of the ongoing series, “Justin shares his anti-social tendencies in the hope that others may feel the same, only they have enough sense not to say so out loud.” Today’s episode:

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Page Views, Big News and Boston Boos

Justin June 3, 2011 0

SportsCracklePop just had an excellent month. Our numbers were way up in May. I don’t know if it was our best month ever, but it was really good. That makes me happy. I work

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DVR Tips, Loose Lips and Financial Dips

Justin May 27, 2011 1

At the culmination of every professional sports season, columnists like to hand out their end of year awards. They name their personal MVP’s, Rookies of the Year, etc, then explain their picks.  These are

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Role Players, Roll Tide and Really Bad Jokes

Justin May 20, 2011 1

Everyone has a role. The key is figuring out which one. It applies in sports. Some people are scorers. Others play defense. Still more lurk in the background, providing insight and support to the

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Bad Pics, Great AIDS Jokes and A Ghost Rape

Justin May 14, 2011 0

I get my groceries from Fresh Direct. For the uninitiated, Fresh Direct is a full service online supermarket that delivers.  This is especially important in New York, where car-less apartment dwellers struggle to transport

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Lost Teeth, Lost Brothers and Lost Balls

Justin May 7, 2011 0

About 2 years ago, my company moved into a new office. We left Midtown Manhattan for the western edge of the West Village. Its better in almost every way. ALMOST.  It turns out, we’re

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New Macs, Head Smacks and Comedy Hacks

Justin April 30, 2011 0

I’ve never joined a cult before. The Scientologists tried to get me once, but I didn’t submit. I think my perfect record might be coming to an end. A few weeks ago, I bought

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