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Red Bank, Crimson Tide and A Three Way

Justin October 8, 2011 0

No one wants to see Weird Al with me and I think that’s a terrible indictment of where we are as a society. Mr Yankovic, one of the great comic minds of our time,

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Dumb Readers, Dumber Pitchers and A Dude From Harvard

Justin October 2, 2011 0

A few weeks ago, I addressed an SCP commenter named Bobby, who posted a comment about model Kate Upton that we had to pull down off the site. You may remember. He got a

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Liberal Rage, False Sage and Statistical Gauge

Justin September 24, 2011 0

The New York City Subway system is the exact nexus where crippling mental illness meets moneyed liberal guilt. Up until this point, mental illness has usually come out on top. Today, I’m here to

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Bad Guy, Bad Guys and Another Bad Guy

Justin September 17, 2011 0

By all appearances, I am a nice guy. I hold the elevator for people running a second behind. I always let a lady enter a room before me. If I see the guy windex-ing

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Commenter Creeps and Congressman Sleeps

Justin September 12, 2011 1

King Ing was recently away from the site for a couple of weeks. He’s obviously a very important part of the team.  He posts the vast majority of our content, populating our site with

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Bad Taste, Bad Sleep and Bad Tackling

Justin September 2, 2011 1

ESPN wouldn’t let me name my fantasy football team 9/11. “But Justin,” you ask, “why would you want to name your fantasy football team 9/11?” My motivation is immaterial to this argument. It doesn’t

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Close Calls, Close Words and Clothes Mullets

Justin August 30, 2011 0

There was a quake on Tuesday and a hurricane on Sunday. Wow. On behalf of all of us, I’d like to say, FUCK YOU, EARTH. There are a few things no one likes to

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A Bad Sport, A Bad Pitcher and A Great Sandwich Recipe

Justin August 22, 2011 0

It’s college football preview issue week! I don’t like college football. Sports Illustrated put out a series of regional covers this week. Stanford, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and the one I received, Alabama. How am I in

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Reader Words, Red Sox Turds and Football Nerds

Justin August 13, 2011 1

I would like to start this week with a quick message to our nation’s homeless population. Hello, homeless population. Thank you for stopping by our website while trolling for illicit pornography on the computers

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Cuban Revolutionaries, Palestinian Players and American Heroes

Justin August 5, 2011 0

Chuck Knoblauch is following me on twitter. I was initially very excited when I received the email informing me of that fact. Then I looked at his account and realized he’s following thousands of people. He

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