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Concert Planning, Eli Manning and Dickey Banning

Justin December 17, 2012 0

Maybe my issues began even before the show did. I was so excited for the 12-12-12 concert, held to benefit Sandy victims at MSG last Wednesday, that I cancelled plans to make sure I

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Lists, Lions and Lots of Old Guys Partying With Kim

Justin December 10, 2012 0

It’s December, the time every year when Magazine editors and web producers say, “Fuck it, let’s just make a list.” Here’s a list for 2012: 1-Raisins 2-Bob’s Burgers 3-Prestidigitation 4-Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver TY

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Embarrassing Hair, Feature Backs and Irish Eyes

Justin November 26, 2012 0

Let’s talk about this guy for a couple of minutes: I found this guy over Thanksgiving, in a drawer in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. Now, let’s answer your questions: -Yes, that’s

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Poli-Sci, Well Dressed Guy and A Billionaire Buy

Justin November 19, 2012 0

For most of my lifetime, the accepted political narrative has been that the United States is generally a center-right country. While the political and intellectual centers of our nation lean left, the vast majority

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First Time Gunners, Marathon Runners, and Scoreboard Stunners

Justin November 12, 2012 0

Here is a fish out of water story starring me, a liberal wussy New York Jew, alongside an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, A WWII era gun and a 9mm pistol. A couple of weeks ago,

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Music Theory, Armstrong Weary and Feeling Teary

Justin October 20, 2012 1

The AV Club recently published an article in which their writers traded stories about awkward pop culture experiences that they had with their parents. It was interesting. At least I think it was. I

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Doctor Sightings, USC Plightings and Brooklyn Slightings

Justin October 13, 2012 0

He was wearing a white v-neck under shirt with jeans and a black and white plaid newsboy cap. And he was standing there, in Best Buy, looking at some cell phone related product with

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Internet Offenders, Stylish Suspenders and Troubled Defenders

Justin October 8, 2012 0

It’s 53 degrees as I sit and write this outside a Starbucks on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. ┬áMy hands are a little cold and there are a couple of pigeons eyeing my

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Bike Fails, Blown Calls and Beltways

Justin September 29, 2012 0

All in all, I enjoy living in what some people call Michael Bloomberg’s nanny state. I don’t smoke. I can’t tell that there are no trans fats in my food. I will never miss

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Creepy Eyes, Thematic Lies and Fast Guys

Justin September 23, 2012 0

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Is Making Eye Contact With Me On The Subway Platform Dear guy who is making eye contact with me on the subway platform, Stop it. You’re creeping

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