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The Crackle Wonders: Yoko Ono

The Crackle Wonders: Yoko Ono

Justin October 8, 2013 0

Yes, that Yoko Ono. In honor of what would have been John Lennon’s 73rd birthday, she’s presenting an exhibit of the former Beatles’ artwork at 72 Green Street, a gallery in Manhattan. We spoke

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The Crackle Wonders: Christopher Frankie

Justin April 4, 2013 0

Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez… There are a lot of disgraced baseball players these days. But there’s one who’s more disgracier than the rest, and that’s Lenny Dykstra. Christopher Frankie knows all about.

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The Crackle Wonders: Rob Dibble

Justin March 7, 2013 0

SCP is going to the bullpen in order to preview the upcoming baseball season. Rob Dibble was a two time All Star, an NLCS MVP and a World Series champ with the Reds. He’s

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The Crackle Wonders: Nathan Rabin

Justin September 10, 2012 0

I’ve made no secret over the years about my love for “Weird” Al Yankovic. Well, thanks to the internet, I have found out that I’m far from the only fan out there. Nathan Rabin,

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The Crackle Wonders: Hart Seely

Justin May 2, 2012 0

Maybe it’s because the topic of his book is a bit off the wall. Maybe it’s because he makes me laugh. Maybe it’s because his name sounds like the main character in a Fox procedural

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The Crackle Wonders: Ron Driscoll

Justin April 19, 2012 0

Last week, the world marked 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. Today, we mark the centennial of another disaster. On April 20th, 1912, The Boston Red Sox played their first game at Fenway Park.

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The Crackle Wonders: Marty Appel

Justin April 10, 2012 0

If you’re a Yankee fan, you know Marty Appel.  He’s one of the franchise’s great historians.  So, who better to write an account of the franchise’s long history? Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees

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The Crackle Wonders: Todd Zolecki

Justin April 9, 2012 3

Todd Zolecki is the Phillies beat writer for, so he had a first hand look, last year, at one of the most talented pitching rotations in history. He’s sharing that first hand look

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The Crackle Wonders: Gene Wojciechowski

Justin February 27, 2012 3

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. Which is a nice way of saying, “Damn, we’re getting old.” Here’s the latest proof. In the next few weeks, we’ll mark

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We are rolling with Aric Almirola in the Daytona 500

King Ing February 23, 2012 1

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series opens up the 2012 season this weekend with the Daytona 500. While a lot of eyes will be focused on the favorites like Harvick, Busch, and Stewart…SCP is backing

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