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Who Was That Smart Guy On The Radio?

Justin March 24, 2011 1

Guess who was on KJR radio to talk about the Knicks today. Here’s a hint: You missed it? Don’t worry. Here it is in 2 parts Part 1 Part

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Chatting with Talkin Hoopz

Justin January 20, 2011 0

Another appearance on the internet’s best (only?) 1 hour NBA round table discussion show that webcasts at 7pm on Wednesdays

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Pontificating Roundball on Talkin Hoopz

Justin December 30, 2010 0

This is turning into a semi-regular thing. I was on Talkin Hoopz for  the full hour last night. We talked about stuff. I yelled a bit. I made a bad pun. You know, the

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Discussing Basketball With Talkin Hoopz

Justin December 23, 2010 0

Video killed the radio star. But will video of a radiostar kill an internet sensation? In other words, I was a guest on this radio show last night. Watch it!

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Talking Hoops with Talkin Hoopz

Justin July 25, 2010 0

My assault on the media continues. Today, I sat in as co-host for Talking Hoopz on the Chat About It internet radio network. We talked Chris Paul, Isiah Thomas and when it’s time to

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LeBron’s Not The Only One Who Can Self-Promote

Justin July 12, 2010 0

Hey, check out this cross promotion! I  am the guest on the podcast. Listen to it. Marvel at my sparkling personality and command of the sporting world zeitgeist. Later, google “zeitgeist&#

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