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My Month of 864 Pages

Justin June 17, 2013 0

I was supposed to post this a couple of weeks ago. But, better late than never I guess. It’s time to once again discuss what I’m reading and what I’m thinking while I’m reading

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My Month of 858 Pages

Justin May 12, 2013 0

It’s been a slow month on the reading front. Let’s chock that up to one bad book buying decision. This month, we learn about Presidential election coverage and the man who was once, arguably,

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My Month of 958 Pages

Justin April 6, 2013 0

I flew back and forth to Phoenix this month. That’s 10 hours of prime reading time! And so, we discuss a few more pages than usual this time out. ┬áThis month, it’s late night

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My Month of 945 Pages

Justin March 13, 2013 0

We’re now 6 months into this little endeavor. Or, in the parlance of the project, 5,350 pages. That’s 15 books through half a year. That’s not bad. This month, I tackled one famous comedian

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My Month of 960 Pages

Justin February 9, 2013 0

Here’s some more writing about reading. This month, we try to recapture the spirit of a master and then read a book about the guy that they based the movie, “The Master” on.  

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My Month Of 768 Pages

Justin January 7, 2013 0

Someone once came into my apartment, looked at my bookshelf and said, “Why don’t you read a book about something other than sports, politics or music for once?” And for a minute I felt

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My Month of 816 Pages

Justin December 10, 2012 0

Chapter 3 of our new monthly feature about the books I read and how I feel about reading them opens with some commenter feedback. In September, I read and then wrote about Michael Chabon’s

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My Month Of Almost 784 Pages But There Was a Hurricane

Justin November 12, 2012 0

Welcome back to our ongoing series which allows me to passive aggressively flaunt my faux-intellectualism in the face of my readers while also sharing my impressions on the books I’m reading. This month, we

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My Year of Eleven Thousand Pages

Justin September 5, 2012 0

Last year on my birthday, I wrote that I would spend my 33rd year on Earth reading. In fact, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to read 33 books while I was

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Some Final Fun With “Those Guys Have All The Fun”

Justin June 28, 2011 1

The SCP book club was supposed to be a four part series. Surprisingly, though, the book clubbers all stepped up and finished reading ahead of schedule. It’s the exact opposite trend to what happened

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