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Oregon Ducks have new trash cans making fun of Oregon St

King Ing July 1, 2013 0

Does it look like the Oregon Ducks are worried about their football program getting a three year probation for NCAA rules violations? I mean they just upgraded their facilities by putting new trash cans

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Madonna masks at Fenway tonight

King Ing July 25, 2008 0

This trend doesn’t seem to be going away. SoxandDawgs has unveiled the Madonna mask just in time for tonights game at Fenway. Will Alex Rodriguez actually be phased by it? I highly doubt it.

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Brian Scalabrine is a great teammate

King Ing June 18, 2008 0

I have no idea why they let Brian Scalabrine have his own press conference, but I am glad they did. Now I know why the Celtics $3 million a year for this guy. He

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Great ending to a great game

King Ing June 13, 2008 1

This was an ESPN Classic game. In the back of my mind I was expecting the Lakers to get the calls, but it never happened. Allen, Posey, Garnett, House, and Pierce is what happened!

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I Knew Willis Reed. Willis Reed Was A Friend Of Mine. You, Sir, Are No Willis Reed

Justin June 6, 2008 0

I had two thoughts when Paul Pierce came back from his knee injury last night. 1. Wow, the Celtics are going to win this game 2. Uggh, someone is going to call him Willis

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John Tesh get us pumped!

King Ing June 5, 2008 0

This video will do just fine. Just disregard the intro from the 2001 NBA Finals and the part where they have the Lakers as the team with home court advantage. You get the point!

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Thursday can’t come fast enough

King Ing May 31, 2008 0

We can only hope that this series is half as intense as those back in the 80’s. NBA basketball back then was on another level. The pure hatred teams had for one another made

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