The Interview Heard Round The World

Justin August 17, 2010 0

Former New York Giant Bobby Thompson has died at the age of 86. He was obviously most famous for his homerun against the Dodgers’ Ralph Branca in 1951. Someone who looks and sounds like

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Journeys in Dark Humor

Justin June 28, 2010 0

By all accounts, Manute Bol was a selfless and great man whose life was cut tragically short by a disease he contracted while trying to better the lives of others. Still, he was very

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Corey Haim; 1971-2010

Justin March 10, 2010 2

You may have enjoyed “Lucas” or the “Lost Boys” or “License To Drive,” but those were only movies. There was only one Corey Haim project that was a true cultural and sociological touchstone, which

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Deadly brawl at Citizens Bank Park

King Ing July 27, 2009 2

On what was supposed to be a joyous Saturday night for one group of guys turned into a sad and stressful night. “David Sale, who was enjoying a bachelor party at the Phillies’ ballpark

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The Sad Case of “The Bat Guy”

Justin March 3, 2009 1

Last May, the internets were all atwitter when a minor league team in Canada traded one of its pitchers for 10 maple bats. That pitcher, John Odom, certainly understood the humor of the situation,

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Did Mr. Blackwell Get Mike Nolan Fired?

Justin October 21, 2008 2

There should seemingly be no connection between the death of a bitchy fashion icon from the olden days and the firing of a middling professional football coach whose team did not live up to their over-hyped

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British motorcycle racer Craig Jones dies from crash

King Ing August 5, 2008 1

British World Supersport rider Craig Jones died in hospital following his crash at Brands Hatch on Sunday. Jones was challenging for the lead when he suddenly fell off his bike and then was hit

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