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Poker player breaks Steve Nash’s free throw record

King Ing April 1, 2010 0

A couple years ago Steve Nash made an ibeatyou video where he had one minute to try to make as many free throws as he could. The Suns point guard finished with a strong

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Usain Bolt demolishing the competition in the 200m (19.19s)

King Ing August 21, 2009 2

I can’t believe I ever doubted Usain Bolt. Not only has the man destroyed all challengers, Bolt broke both his own World Records in the 100m and 200m at this years World Championships. When

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Usain Bolt’s World Record 9.58 100m was beastly

King Ing August 17, 2009 2

The Olympic gold medalist left any doubt as to who the fastest man in the world is. Usain Bolt ran the 100 meters in a sickening 9.58 seconds besting the second place finisher Tyson

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A 24-hour wiffleball game breaks all types of records

King Ing August 27, 2008 0

Steady Burn points out that 10 guys played a marathon game of wiffleball that broke all types of records and more importantly raised $1500 for charity. “The final score? Brozich’s white team scored 935

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Usain Bolt breaks the 200m World Record

King Ing August 20, 2008 3

Everyone and their mother is upset at NBC for not showing the 200 meter final featuring Usain Bolt live. So what do people do, they go out and get the video from other countries

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Dan Uggla sets record for most All-Star errors

California Correspondent July 16, 2008 0

Ok, I admit it. I only wanted to write this post because Dan Ugga is Ugly. Uggla set the record for most errors in an all-star game last night with 3 fielding errors –

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Ryan Howard to break single season strikeout record (again)

California Correspondent June 29, 2008 3

In 2007 Ryan Howard set the MLB single season strikeout record with 199 strikeouts. After just 82 games in 2008, Howard already has 113 strikeouts and is on pace to exceed the record he

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