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Guy Fieri you are not

King Ing May 6, 2009 2

I love my share of Food Network shows. And on the top of that list is “Diners, Drive-Thru, and Dives” hosted by none other than Guy Fieri. So when I saw this video of

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Shaq says revenge is a dish best served right away

King Ing April 16, 2009 0

So guess I was wrong saying that Shaquille O’Neal wouldn’t have time to seek revenge on Louis Amudson for the peanut prank. The man is fast. He took less than 24 hours to get

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Louis Amundson gets one over on Shaq

King Ing April 15, 2009 1

Payback is a female dog. Watch as Louis Amudson gets Shaquille O’Neal back for all the times he has stolen his bike. The foam peanuts trick is great and all, but it doesn’t have

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The Half Million Dollar Shot

King Ing March 4, 2009 3

So Amir and Streeter over at CollegeHumor have a back and forth prank war going that left off with Streeter getting slapped by his girlfriend at a Yankees game. Now it was time for

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Larry Fitzgerald punks Chris Cooley

King Ing February 13, 2009 0

My favorite professional sports blogger Chris Cooley got played by Larry Fitzgerald at the Pro Bowl. Right before halftime #11 catches a hail mary touchdown from Drew Brees. This is where it gets good.

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Never lend Ken Griffey Jr. money

King Ing May 15, 2008 1

Sportsbybrooks found this item where Ken Griffey Jr. paid back a $1,500 debt to Josh Fogg in pennies. I owe someone money, and I think I might actually do this. Although I don’t like

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