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The closest anyone has come to crapping on Barcelona

King Ing August 12, 2011 0

This dog is just defiling the Barcelona logo. Wonder what Lionel Messi will have to say about this? -H/T Who Ate all the Pies

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Omar Arellano had a crappy time

King Ing August 11, 2011 0

Mexico international Omar Arellano looks like he soiled himself in last night’s friendly against the United States. I wonder how long that was sitting there? This is the one and only downfall for wearing

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Thierry Henry giving it to David Beckham

King Ing July 28, 2011 0

David Beckham assumes the position. Why do soccer players always find themselves in these positions

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Caption This

King Ing July 27, 2011 0

These Texas Rangers fans look like they all have something different on their minds

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Did you see me on TV?

King Ing July 15, 2011 0

It was such an honor to hold the Barclays Premier League Trophy on Wednesday with Nemanja Vidic. On a serious note, this is what I looked like as a kid. Some might say I

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Victoria Beckham giving Jennifer Lopez the evil eye

King Ing May 25, 2011 1

How dare Jennifer Lopez take Victoria Beckham’s seat

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Synchronized dancing on the pitch

King Ing May 5, 2011 0

Theo Walcott and Nemanja Vidic just practicing for the 2012 London Olympics

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MLB is going to soon fill their ballparks with these dummies

King Ing April 22, 2011 0

Just ask Darren Rovell

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Andy Carroll gets rewarded for his great play

King Ing April 12, 2011 1

Martin Skrtel gives Andy Carroll a little loving for his stellar play against Manchester City. Why do soccer players always get caught up in these moments? See Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, and Rio Ferdinand

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Caption This

King Ing March 9, 2011 0

Hey kid, you aren’t the only one shocked by Cesc Fabregas’ backheel

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