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Caption This: Dwight Howard and Kevin Hart take a picture together

King Ing June 11, 2013 0

Dwight Howard and Kevin Hart could be the new version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins

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Nikki Hoplock makes heads turn at Jets game

King Ing April 3, 2013 0

Busted Coverage finds this great pic of dads drooling over Nikki Hoplock at the Winnipeg Jets game. The reactions might even be better than Eva Longoria or Kim Kardashian received

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Jennifer Lopez punches Muhammad Ali

King Ing March 26, 2013 0

Maybe it was just a love punch

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What is Jordany Valdespin thinking when a 95 mph fastball hits him in the nuts?

King Ing March 14, 2013 0

Justin Verlander beans Jordany Valdespin in the family jewels. Why isn’t the man wearing a cup is beyond me. Painful!

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Brandon Spikes must be the best dancer on the New England Patriots

King Ing January 14, 2013 0

Brandon Spikes finds the perfect way to celebrate a non fumble. Be still my heart.  

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NBA TV erroneously puts up 5 Kobe Bryant photos for the Lakers starting lineup

King Ing January 8, 2013 0

My guess is NBA TV didn’t have a picture of Robert Sacre to put up, so instead they plastered 5 Kobe Bryant photos for the Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup. Not sure there would

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This is the exact look the Kansas St players will have on their face when they see Oregon’s team speed

King Ing January 2, 2013 0

What is going on in Kansas State DB Carl Miles Jr. head when he sees the Oregon Ducks helmets up close? All I know is he better not be stunned during the game or

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On second thought this wasn’t the smartest move by Stevie Johnson

King Ing October 22, 2012 0

Stevie Johnson might want to rethink celebrating a touchdown with fans. Just keep it Gangnam Style

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SEC football at its finest

King Ing October 4, 2012 0

This Georgia Bulldog fan has seen better days. On a serious note, where are his friends? I could never imagine leaving a buddy of mine like this. -H/T Lost Letterman

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Comfy Carmelo Anthony

King Ing July 20, 2012 0

Kevin Love captions Carmelo Anthony’s sleeping pic best on his Instagram account. “Weekend at Bernie’s&#

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