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Jeff Reed continues to party year round

King Ing February 9, 2009 1

And by the looks of it, he also enjoys sticking microphones near random guys butt crack. Now that Mike Vanderjagt is out of the league, Jeff Reed is the one that brings all the

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Kobe Bryant tips more than twenty percent

King Ing February 5, 2009 0

So what does one do after scoring 61 points in the “City that never sleeps?” If you are Kobe Bryant,  you and your teammates have a fun night out at DJ Clue’s birthday party

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Hines Ward and Crown Royal continue to haunt me

King Ing February 5, 2009 0

Little did I know that one of Hines Ward’s favorite drinks is Crown Royal Cask No.16. And after his second Super Bowl victory he decided to share the love with the rest of his

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Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark dive into the crowd at the Steelers Parade

King Ing February 4, 2009 0

All celebratory parades are fun, but very rarely do you see players leave the parade route and mingle with the fans. But in a city like Pittsburgh, the relationship between player and fan is

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Allen Iverson likes his three card poker

King Ing January 31, 2009 3

According to the Star Tribune, AI wasn’t so lucky at the three card poker table. Forget the fact he was at the Shakopee’s Canterbury Card Club at 11:30 Tuesday night when they had a

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Jeff Reed is like a walking party

King Ing January 28, 2009 4

Jeff Reed partying in Tampa this week give me tons of confidence in his kicking ability come Sunday. Now if he wasn’t out chasing skirts with his horrible hair (get it, just like terrible

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Eli Manning gets a lap dance for his birthday

King Ing January 7, 2009 0

I like this about the New York Giants. They always seem to party as a team. Whether it be Plaxico and Antonio Pierce or as Page Six reports: “We don’t know what else Eli

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Rey Maualuga likes to dance…Erin Andrews does not

King Ing January 4, 2009 1

Adam Rose of the LA Times finds this great video of USC Trojan Rey Maualuga dancing behind an unsuspecting Erin Andrews. That is a great way to get psyched up for the Rose Bowl.

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Barkley partying with Strahan and Urkel before arrest

California Correspondent January 2, 2009 0

This marks yet another holiday party I didn’t get invited to. [Daily News

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David Garrard is the life of the party

King Ing December 23, 2008 1

I am a little late on this, but who really cares. Brahsome brings us some delightful pics of Jacksonville Jaguars QB David Garrard partying it up big time at a wedding. By the looks

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