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Marion Barber can run up a bar tab

King Ing March 10, 2009 7

M2 Ultra Lounge must be the go to destination for athletes in New York City. First it was Kobe Bryant taking some of his fellow Lakers out for some champagne and water and now

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Bronson Arroyo’s boat party has a high ratio

King Ing March 9, 2009 2

The Cincinnati Enquirer tell us that during spring training Bronson Arroyo lives on his boat, The Nasty Hook. And when he isn’t training, the pitcher finds time to throw wild boat parties that include

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Lebron James’ rejects are most guys Dream Team

King Ing March 6, 2009 3

So Eighty81 had a party in Atlanta titled “A Night with Lebron James” at MF’s in Buckhead. And by the looks of it, a number of ladies came out to try and get some

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Ben Roethlisberger celebrates 27 in Vegas

King Ing March 3, 2009 3

What does the Super Bowl winning quarterback do to bring in his 27th birthday? If you are Ben Roethlisberger you grab your offensive lineman and head to Tao in Las Vegas. Golf star Anthony

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The many faces of Gavin Edwards

King Ing February 24, 2009 0

With Jerome Dyson out for the year, UCONN’s Gavin Edwards is going to have to play a bigger role if the Huskies want to win a National Championship in April. That means scoring, rebounding,

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Adriano has a slamming birthday party

King Ing February 20, 2009 0

While most athletes have their birthday celebrations at a nightclub surrounded by beautiful women and hundreds of people they don’t know; Inter Milan striker Adriano has an even better one with his teammates. “Captain

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Alex Rodriguez has a little fun partying in the Bahamas

King Ing February 12, 2009 1

A-Rod was living it up at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a couple nights before the report that puts an asterisk on his career came out. And by the looks of it he

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Michael Phelps isn’t so hot at beer pong

King Ing February 10, 2009 5

So this one party that Michael Phelps attended in South Carolina not only ruined his reputation, it also put a mini dent in his wallet. According to Page Six, Phelps was outgunned at a

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Jeff Reed continues to party year round

King Ing February 9, 2009 1

And by the looks of it, he also enjoys sticking microphones near random guys butt crack. Now that Mike Vanderjagt is out of the league, Jeff Reed is the one that brings all the

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Kobe Bryant tips more than twenty percent

King Ing February 5, 2009 0

So what does one do after scoring 61 points in the “City that never sleeps?” If you are Kobe Bryant,  you and your teammates have a fun night out at DJ Clue’s birthday party

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