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Manchester United’s play drove Wayne Rooney to drink

King Ing April 5, 2010 3

Chelsea beat Manchester United over the weekend to regain the Premier Leagues’ top spot with five games to go. Without the injured Wayne Rooney the United offense looked inept. The play of Berbatov prompted

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Drew Brees teaching the crowd at Lucy’s Bar the pre-game chant

King Ing February 10, 2010 0

Now this is awesome. Drew Brees just hanging out at Lucy’s Bar and teaching everyone there the pre-game chant of the New Orleans Saints. No way Peyton Manning does something like this!

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What do you mean you don’t know Braylon Edwards?

King Ing November 9, 2009 0

Now we know how some of the New York Jets spent their bye week. Of course they were in Vegas trying to mingle with some real celebrities. Page Six tells us “Rihanna doesn’t take

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Nick Swisher stars as the poon hunter

King Ing November 4, 2009 0

Move over Derek Jeter. There is a new heartthrob on the team and he roams the Yankee outfield. Gatecrasher reports: “A spy at Yankee hot spot Southern Hospitality tells us right fielder Nick Swisher

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Josh Hamilton might have fell off the wagon

King Ing August 10, 2009 7

Deadspin has found pictures of Josh Hamilton partying it up with a couple lady friends in Tempe, Arizona last winter. Hopefully this is just a one time slip for a man that has claimed

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The ladies love Matthew Stafford and he loves the red cups

King Ing July 31, 2009 5

The first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft sure knows how to party. Here is Matthew Stafford enjoying life on a boat with a group of young ladies. And as we all know no

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DeWayne Wise gets a Crown gift from Mark Buehrle

King Ing July 29, 2009 0

Just like fellow athletes Lamar Odom and Hines Ward, Mark Buehrle decides to hook up his teammate with a couple of personalized gifts. According to Mouthpiece Sports, the perfect game pitcher decided to thank

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Are Paul Pierce and Al Harrington throwing up gang signs?

King Ing July 23, 2009 9

Here are pictures of Tracy McGrady, Al Harrington (I think it’s him), Paul Pierce, and Jermaine O’Neal at Pure last Friday night. I don’t claim to have a PhD in gang symbols, but what

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Lebron James and Jay-Z continue their bromance

King Ing July 7, 2009 0

It looks like the courtship of Lebron James by Jay-Z is ongoing. This time the two heavyweights in their respective occupations spent a great deal of time together in Las Vegas. It seems early

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Frank Lampard is living the life in Las Vegas

King Ing July 1, 2009 0

Frank Lampard is taking every chance to enjoy himself before the start of the new soccer season in six weeks. By that I mean he is doing what I want to be doing by

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