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Get excited! It’s the NBA Draft on ESPN

King Ing June 23, 2009 0

Thursday marks the day of the 2009 NBA Draft. There are so many intriguing questions that will be answered. Where will Ricky Rubio go? Will teams pass on Hasheem Thabeet because he lacks the

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Kevin Love has full court range

King Ing June 12, 2008 0

With the NBA draft coming up, Kevin Love has steadied himself into a lottery selection. We all know he can hit the midrange jumper, rebound, and start a fast break with an amazing outlet

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My Mock Lottery Draft v1

King Ing May 30, 2008 5

I have been meaning to do this since the 2008 draft lottery, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Now with less than a month to go I figured why not now. This is

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Danilo Gallinari? Really?

Justin May 21, 2008 1

That’s who Chad Ford says the Knicks are going to draft, after the blue and orange somehow managed to lose position in yesterday’s NBA Draft Lottery. I would like to go on record as

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Jay-Z trying to bring Beasley (or Melo) to the Nets

King Ing May 19, 2008 0

The NBA draft lottery will be conducted in Secaucus, NJ tomorrow night. With the likes fo Dwayne Wade and Fred Hoiberg on hand to represent their various teams, the New Jersey Nets have decided

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