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Wayne Rooney stars as James Bond in a Skyfall parody

King Ing October 25, 2012 0

What do you get when you splice in some old footage of Wayne Rooney with scenes from the new James Bond movie “Skyfall?” This horrendous short trailer

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Mark Wahlberg for actor of the year

King Ing December 16, 2010 0

Mark Wahlberg want to let you know that it’s “not you.” What a portrayal of Micky Ward. Just hand the man his Oscar now

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The Crackle’s 2010 Oscar Preview

Justin March 4, 2010 1

The Gay Superbowl is set for Sunday in LA. It’s the Academy Awards! Continuing on last year’s tradition, SportsCracklePop is here to provide you with the definitive previews and predictions for all of the

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