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Liberty Overcomes The Odds

Sponsor March 19, 2013 0

Give me Liberty or give me… an appearance in the NCAA tournament? Teams with 20 victories are usually guaranteed an appearance in March Madness, but the Liberty University men’s basketball team broke the mold.

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Does Gonzaga Deserve Respect?

Sponsor March 8, 2013 0

If you’ve been following college basketball this season than you probably stand on one side or the other of a certain argument. Either you think Gonzaga is a phony, a fraud and an undeserving

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Who has two thumbs and is excited for the NCAA Tournament?

King Ing March 17, 2011 0


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One Shining Moment 2010

King Ing April 6, 2010 2

The long awaited debut of Jennifer Hudson’s 2010 version of “One Shining Moment” turned into a dud. It just wasn’t the same as the Teddy P or Luther version. What was up with all

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One of the best games I have ever seen

King Ing March 26, 2010 1

What more could you ask for? Kansas St and Xavier playing a double overtime game with Gus Johnson announcing. You had Terrell Holloway and Jordan Crawford on one side vs the dynamic duo of

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Buzzer Beater, Buzzer Beater…Loser, Loser…My NCAA Tournament

King Ing March 22, 2010 0

I can’t believe how good these NCAA Tournament games were this weekend. You had buzzer beaters, the overall top seed going out in the second round, and me crying about losing all my wagers

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The ball is tipped and there you are!

King Ing March 18, 2010 0

Finally the time has come for me to bet on numerous college basketball games and yell at the TV. What am I saying? I do that every weekend. Maybe I won’t seem so crazy

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Batista with the CAAAAAAAATCH

King Ing March 20, 2009 1

Let us welcome Gus Johnson back to March Madness. Hopefully the games in Minneapolis, Minnesota are as good as this Fort Minor mashup

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NCAA Tournament Blogger Contest

King Ing March 19, 2009 0

InGameNow has a cool little contest going on that isn’t your normal March Maadness bracket. A blogger selects five players from the NCAA Tournament and gets their total points + rebounds + assists for

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The Plight of The Mid-Major

Justin February 3, 2009 0

The End of the NFL season means the beginning of college basketball for millions of sports fans and degenerate gamblers throughout the US. Part of the fun of NCAA hoops is identifying that mid-major

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