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Manny Ramirez forgets that there are 9 innings to the game

King Ing August 12, 2008 0

Manny Ramirez went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s last night in the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-6 win over the Phillies. That was great and all, but the story I am interested in is

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Manny Ramirez Animated Hollywood Press Conference

King Ing August 4, 2008 0

Pete Handelman comes up with this funny little piece on Manny Ramirez and his new sizzling start in Los Angeles

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Still sad Manny Ramirez is gone

King Ing August 1, 2008 0

I am still sulking over Manny being gone. This commercial didn’t help either

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The Villification of Manny Ramirez

California Correspondent July 26, 2008 1

First he assaulted a traveling secretary, then he “intentionally” took 3 straight k’s with his bat on his shoulder as “retaliation”, and now Red Sox management thinks Manny lied about an injury to take

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Manny Ramirez deserves the Gold Glove

King Ing July 19, 2008 0

I love Manny and his carefree attitude. He treats life the way I want to treat it; with reckless abandonment. Example below courtesy of Deadspin. No matter how badly he screws something up, he

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Who is Manny Calling?

King Ing July 10, 2008 2

It’s great to see Manny Ramirez hasn’t lost his sense of humor since the incident with the traveling secretary. During yesterdays game with the Twins, Manny found time to go into the Green Monster

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Manny Ramirez wants his tickets now

King Ing June 30, 2008 0

Manny Ramirez has always been known for his silly antics, but this time he crossed the line. He shoved Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground in an argument over his ticket

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Just because I can’t get enough

King Ing May 15, 2008 1

Classic! He joins Barkley in my “fave fives.&#

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Manny always has time for the fans

King Ing May 14, 2008 1

Manny Ramirez is the best! This play just sums it up. Make a running catch with 1 out, have time to high-five a fan, then throw the ball back in for a double play

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Pretty in pink

California Correspondent May 12, 2008 2

MLB was decked in pink today to support breast cancer awareness on Mother’s Day. Players continued the tradition of using pink bats and wearing pink armbands and pins. Here’s a photo of Manny Ramirez

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