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Get well Stafon Johnson

King Ing September 29, 2009 0

Unfortunately Stafon Johnson experienced something I have feared all my life. While bench pressing 275 lbs the bar slipped out of Johnson’s right hand and fell onto his throat, crushing his neck and larynx.

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Marcin Wasilewski’s broken leg is not for the faint of heart

King Ing September 1, 2009 1

Fair warning to those with a weak stomach as this video made me throw up in my mouth. Anderlecht’s Marcin Wasilewski was recklessly fouled by Standard’s Axel Witsel resulting in a horrific broken leg.

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Cristiano Ronaldo crashes his Ferrari

King Ing January 8, 2009 4

This accident looks a lot worse than it actually is. Luckily no one was injured when Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his beautiful Ferrari into a roadside barrier this morning while heading to

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Southern Mississippi receiver DeAndre Brown breaks his leg

King Ing December 22, 2008 1

What a gruesome injury. DeAndre Brown snapped his femur moments after setting the school record for most receptions in a year. Unfortunate that things like this happen. Here is hoping for a quick recovery.

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The Vikings Charles Gordon’s freakish ankle break

King Ing November 10, 2008 1

This is not for the squeamish. On a punt return, the Minnesota Vikings’ Charles Gordon was tackled by the Packers Desmond Bishop. The result of the tackle is not pretty

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Which injury is worse? Greg Warren’s knee buckling or Patrick Edwards’ compound fracture of his right leg

King Ing October 29, 2008 0

Even though I was at the Steelers game, I don’t remember this Greg Warren injury. Damn you Jim Beam! But after watching the video, maybe it was better I didn’t see it. It looks

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Blaine Irby’s leg isn’t suppose to go that way

King Ing September 24, 2008 2

Texas tight end Blaine Irby suffered a dislocated knee cap in the Longhorns win over Rice this past Saturday. This made me cringe, so I will forewarn you

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Fabian Espindola breaks leg celebrating a non-goal

King Ing September 9, 2008 3

Fabian Espindola of Real Salt Lake scored a goal against the LA Galaxy and did what everyone does; celebrate! His cartwheel into a backflip looked good until he landed short, resulting in what we

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Football makes me sad

King Ing September 8, 2008 3

Tom Brady……………..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Matt Cassell time

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Tom Brady might have a broken foot

King Ing September 4, 2008 0

There are rumors circulating the interwebs that the injury to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is more than just a deep bone bruise. According to NFL Juice via ProFootballTalk: “A reader tells us

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