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The Vikings Charles Gordon’s freakish ankle break

King Ing November 10, 2008 1

This is not for the squeamish. On a punt return, the Minnesota Vikings’ Charles Gordon was tackled by the Packers Desmond Bishop. The result of the tackle is not pretty

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Which injury is worse? Greg Warren’s knee buckling or Patrick Edwards’ compound fracture of his right leg

King Ing October 29, 2008 0

Even though I was at the Steelers game, I don’t remember this Greg Warren injury. Damn you Jim Beam! But after watching the video, maybe it was better I didn’t see it. It looks

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Blaine Irby’s leg isn’t suppose to go that way

King Ing September 24, 2008 2

Texas tight end Blaine Irby suffered a dislocated knee cap in the Longhorns win over Rice this past Saturday. This made me cringe, so I will forewarn you

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Fabian Espindola breaks leg celebrating a non-goal

King Ing September 9, 2008 3

Fabian Espindola of Real Salt Lake scored a goal against the LA Galaxy and did what everyone does; celebrate! His cartwheel into a backflip looked good until he landed short, resulting in what we

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Football makes me sad

King Ing September 8, 2008 3

Tom Brady……………..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Matt Cassell time

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Tom Brady might have a broken foot

King Ing September 4, 2008 0

There are rumors circulating the interwebs that the injury to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is more than just a deep bone bruise. According to NFL Juice via ProFootballTalk: “A reader tells us

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It’s official: Carl Pavano is back on Saturday

Gino Vaginelli August 21, 2008 1

So what do you predict will happen? Vote below. [poll id

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Mitch Maier takes the pitch in the face

King Ing August 21, 2008 0

Kansas City Royals’ Mitch Maier took a pitch that was errantly thrown at his head. Unfortunately the ball got him right under his right eye breaking three bones. Scary -Via

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Rampage Jackson meets the cops again

King Ing July 17, 2008 3

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had another run in with the cops, although this incident had nothing to do with him breaking the law. From TMZ: “We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger

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Javon Walker clears up the rumors on

King Ing June 18, 2008 0

So according to rumors on the interweb, it was supposedly member of Floyd Mayweather’s crew that hurt Javon Walker. But according to the greatest site in the world (F Perez Hilton), spoke exclusively

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