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Edin Dzeko has had better days

King Ing June 6, 2011 0

Taking a cleat to the face or nuts is bad. Having both happen to you at the same time…priceless! Got to feel for Edin Dzeko

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Anthony Carter cup checks Ronnie Brewer

King Ing April 13, 2011 0

Nothing gets you ready for the NBA playoffs like another man grabbing your junk. Ronnie Brewer must feel oh so violated. -H/T Mocksession Running .gif after the jump&#

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Dwayne Lewis’ eye took a few too many hits

King Ing February 28, 2011 1

This is not how you want your eye looking after an MMA fight. Unfortunately for Dwayne Lewis it did

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Soccer cleat to the face or ball hitting balls?

King Ing February 24, 2011 0

If you had to choose one, which injury would you rather have happen to you? Soccer cleat to the face

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Brett Favre getting a little ball on balls action

King Ing October 14, 2010 0

Here you have Brett Favre trying to make a nonchalant one handed catch of a football. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t execute and his poor groin suffers the consequences. This happened to me at

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Don’t hurt Big Baby!

King Ing May 27, 2010 0

The worst officiated game in NBA history. Kendrick Perkins hit with the most ridiculous technical fouls ever. Big Baby and Marquis Daniels getting knocked out. Things could not have gone worse for the Celtics.

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Wayne Rooney’s ankle: Good for England, Bad for Man U

King Ing March 31, 2010 0

A country held its breath last night as Wayne Rooney went down with what appeared to be a serious ankle injury in the closing seconds of Manchester United’s Champions League match with Bayern Munich.

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It’s Julian Edelman time!

King Ing January 4, 2010 2

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tearing your ACL an MCL is bad, but still better than what happened to Pat White

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This should never happen to anybody

King Ing December 23, 2009 0

I felt so bad after watching this video of Derrick Roland’s horrific leg injury. Words can’t even express how bad this break is. All I want is a speedy recovery for Mr. Roland. Video

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Jahvid Best is one tough S.O.B

King Ing November 9, 2009 3

Coming into the season I thought Jahvid Best was the best running back in the nation. It wasn’t just his speed that made him great, it was his toughness that surprised me more than

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