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Steve Ballmer has mesmerizing dance moves

Steve Ballmer has mesmerizing dance moves

King Ing January 8, 2015 0

During an impromptu performance by Fergie, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer showed off his stunning dance moves to the amazement of the world. I love the dance. -H/T Arash Markazi for the Vine

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Mark Cuban stays winning at life

King Ing October 3, 2012 0

Drinking $2 Bud Lights and dancing to Gangnam Style at Kilroy’s in Bloomington, IN. That money must be nice. -H/T Shots of Ginn

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Jerry Jones is a billionaire with horrible pizza taste

King Ing August 27, 2012 0

Speechless!! Even after watching this debacle, I still consider Jerry Jones better than half the rappers in the game today. -H/T The Big Lead

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Bob Kraft is a green screen machine

King Ing July 11, 2012 0

Barstool Sports does it again. This time finding a hidden gem featuring Bob Kraft helping his lady-friend┬áRicki Noel Lander in an audition tape for a movie called “The Internship.” I’m totally speechless. Is this

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Mark Cuban acted just like the rest of us in college

King Ing July 8, 2011 0

Deadspin just made my day with the photo gallery of Mark Cuban enjoying the party life at Indiana University. The Mavericks owner acted just like the rest of us in college. The only difference

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Mark Cuban icing bros

King Ing May 26, 2010 0

At least that is what I hope Mark Cuban meant in his tweet. “I just iced someone …” Just let me believe this is true. I mean come on, what else could that possibly

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Woody Johnson should have turned his cellphone off in a hospital

King Ing October 15, 2008 1

The owner of the New York Jets Woody Johnson must have been ecstatic over the birth of his new baby boy. Probably to the point where he mistakenly dialed up his ex-girlfriend on the

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