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Ramon Sessions might want to go harder next time

King Ing December 1, 2008 0

LeBron James is always a highlight waiting to happen. And as evidenced by this weekends block on Ramon Sessions, he can make great plays on both ends of the court. That is some great

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Justin Mason’s monster dunk on Luke Harangody

King Ing November 26, 2008 0

You couldn’t have asked for a better game between the Texas Longhorns and Notre Dame. Back and forth the game went until the buzzer where Texas’ A.J. Abrams 3/4 court shot hit off the

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Paul George dunks on some white guy naturally trying to take a charge

King Ing November 20, 2008 0

Fresno St Bulldogs’ Paul George has the early lead for dunk of the year after he hammered home a slam right on and over Mickey McConnell of St. Mary’s. Don’t feel bad Mickey as

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Beanie Wells hurdles an Illini defender

King Ing November 17, 2008 1

It looks like the new rage is for offensive players to hurdle defenders that try to go low for tackles. This past Saturday Chris “Beanie” Wells joined the club as he hurdled this poor

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Brandon Roy shoots down the Rockets in overtime

King Ing November 7, 2008 0

If you missed the fantastic finish between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trailblazers last night you are in luck as Kellex over at TheBlazeofLove has you covered. It was big shot after big shot.

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Amare Stoudemire posterizes Jeff Foster and then does his best Denzel

King Ing November 6, 2008 2

Amare Stoudemire was a monster on the court last night against the Indiana Pacers (49 pts, 11 reb, 6 asst, 5 stls, and 2 blocks). Insane I tell you. But there is a bigger

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Texas and Texas Tech played a thriller of a game

King Ing November 3, 2008 0

Wouldn’t you know it. Of course I happened to miss the end of the Texas and Texas Tech game. And of course it was one that will be played on ESPN Classic for years.

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Nene dunks on Jamario Moon

King Ing October 23, 2008 0

The Denver Nuggets Nene has had his fair share of hardships over the last couple of years. But if this dunk on Jamario Moon is any indication, he is well on his way from

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Kevin Martin dunks on the Portland Trailblazers

King Ing October 21, 2008 2

The Sacramento Kings aren’t suppose to contend this year with their lackluster talent. Other than Kevin Martin who do they have. He was always an outside shooter; I didn’t think he had this type

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Beno Udrih crossover broke Kobe Bryant

King Ing October 14, 2008 0

Kobe Bryant is probably the NBA’s best lockdown defender. When he wants to shut someone down, it usually happens. That is why it is so rare to see Kobe get broken like this. Beno

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