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Santonio Holmes punt return touchdown against the Chargers

King Ing January 12, 2009 0

Santonio Holmes did what the New York Giants couldn’t do Sunday. And that is get in the endzone. My favorite part was when he hurdles Legedu Naanee

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Von Wafer gets blocked…by the rim

King Ing January 8, 2009 0

Von Wafer tried his best on this dunk, but his effort was thwarted by the pesky rim. To add insult to injury, nba.com made it the block of the night

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Manu Ginobili’s superman block of Dwyane Wade

King Ing January 6, 2009 0

Dwyane Wade was trying to avoid the charge, so he went with the layup over the dunk. Even though that happened, you still have to admit Manu came out of nowhere to play Flash.

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Texas and Ohio St bring you an incredible Fiesta Bowl finish

King Ing January 6, 2009 0

What an awesome finish. A Texas loss would have made the Big 12 look like a joke; with top teams Texas Tech and Oklahoma St already losing. But lucky for them and all Longhorn

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Kobe’s pre-game prep: DVDs in the whip

California Correspondent January 3, 2009 1

The LA Times discovers the secret to Kobe’s success. He gets 8-12 minute video clips of each individual player that’s he’ll guard, in addition to game clips. Kobe watches these in the Range Rover,

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Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony duel to the death

King Ing January 3, 2009 1

WOW! First Kevin Durant hits a three to take the lead over the Denver Nuggets with seconds left. And then you get an answer from Carmelo as time expires. Oklahoma City can’t buy a

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Jason Richardson makes 360 dunks look beazy

King Ing December 30, 2008 0

Jason Richardson needs to get himself in the dunk contest this year. No more of this Nate Robinson bullcrap. If I have to endure another year of shiteous slams..i am gonna trash the NBA

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AJ Price’s says IN YOUR FACE to Gonzaga

King Ing December 21, 2008 0

CBS is probably kicking themselves for making the Davidson/Purdue matchup the national game. How can you deprive the nation of a full game called by Gus Johnson. Especially a Gonzaga game! UCONN won the

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Next time Joel Przybilla should just get out of Amare’s way

King Ing December 19, 2008 0

Amare Stoudemire just demolishes Joel Przybilla with this nasty dunk. It’s really hard to block a shot when the guy with the ball is going up and you are on your way down. Nice

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Josh Smith’s monster dunk over Kendrick Perkins

King Ing December 18, 2008 0

Altlanta and the Boston Celtics played another buzzer beater game last night; with the Hawks a Mike Bibby three pointer away from sending the game to overtime. The C’s might have won their 16th

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