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John Wall just tearing up the Melo League

King Ing July 28, 2011 0

Every summer NBA stars ply their trade in various summer leagues, but this offseason it seems like that number has gone up. Whether it be Kevin Durant, Tyreke Evans, or LeBron James, these athletes

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Kevin Durant going HAM on the Drew League

King Ing June 20, 2011 0

While most NBA players are spending their off season vacationing somewhere exotic, players like Tyreke Evans, James Harden, and Kevin Durant work on their trade in various summer leagues across the country. Check out

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Kyle Singler enters the trick shot game

King Ing May 23, 2011 0

What better way for Kyle Singler to prepare for the NBA Draft than create a trick shot video around the Duke campus. Just show the scouts that you can get buckets in any situation.

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Best. Goal. Ever.

Justin May 15, 2011 0

Of all the people in the world, I think I’m the one least likely to overuse hyperbole. But this goal by the Maryland Lacrosse team is, in my opinion, the greatest scoring play in

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The French Firefighter Olympics take it to another level

King Ing April 18, 2011 0

I wonder how fast it would take these firefighters to get a cat out of a tree? These are some athletic French freaks

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2010-2011 NCAA College Basketball Dunk Mix

King Ing April 6, 2011 0

You Got Dunked On puts this spectacular mix together of the best college basketball jams of the year. A lot of people getting posterized here. (NSFW language in the accompanying music)

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Kemba Walker Game Winner vs Pittsburgh

King Ing March 10, 2011 0

Just a great college basketball with a great ending. Kemba Walker breaking the ankles of Gary McGhee, then stepping back and hitting the game winning jumper against Pittsburgh. The Big East Tournament: best in

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Paul Pierce shows everyone he still has it

King Ing January 3, 2011 0

The Truth throws down a vicious dunk over Joey Dorsey and Amir Johnson. Who knew Paul Pierce still had hops like that

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Anthony “Showtime” Pettis’ hardcore kick rocks your world

King Ing December 17, 2010 0

I became a fan of Anthony “Showtime” Pettis after watching an episode of World of Jenks on MTV. Am I glad I did as he entertained me to no end last night in his

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Now this is why the NBA is fantastic

King Ing December 16, 2010 0

What more could one ask for from a regular season game. It was back and forth throughout and the last couple minutes of play were as intense as they could be. People just hitting

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