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Fox Does Something Incredibly Fox-like

Justin September 20, 2011 0

Fox News is no stranger to making up news for its own evil purposes. This time, though, Fox Sports got caught doing the same thing. Pro Football Talk says the network showed three local

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Headline of the Day: MLB looking into operation on Yanks’ Colon

Breezy May 12, 2011 0

I didn’t know it was possible for the entire team to have an operation on their colon

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Juuust a Bit Outside

Justin May 11, 2010 2

Bob Uecker just had heart surgery, but his signature call from Major League seems fitting here.  Liz Claman from Fox Business threw out the first pitch at last night’s Angels game. By the way,

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Explaining Arod’s Pace Around the Bases

California Correspondent April 26, 2010 1

The Wall Street Journal brings you the facts, but SportsCracklePop brings you the hard hitting analysis. So, when the WSJ pays some guy to sit with a stop watch and count the seconds that go

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Who’s The Biggest Douche In Sports?

Justin July 27, 2008 8

It’s one of the great questions of our time. Who is the biggest douche in all of sports? There is certainly no shortage of candidates. But now it’s time for us to boil it

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