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Where Did Pete’s Readership Go?

California Correspondent April 5, 2010 1

When Pete Abraham blogged for popular Lohud Yankees blog, his pre-game updates and in-game updates were possibly the best around. His posts would get several hundred comments per game — but not any more.

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One loser offers words of encouragement to another

tommy neumann November 25, 2009 2

Brady Quinn thinks Charlie Weis should remain the Head Coach at Notre Dame. The guy with big muscles who can’t complete a pass for the 1-9 Cleveland Browns thinks the Irish would be making

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Best dunk ever, according to Shaq

California Correspondent March 20, 2009 0

Shaq calls it the “best dunk ever.” Just goes to show white men can’t jump dunk

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Someone Needs To Tell StubHub That The Cubs Lost

California Correspondent October 8, 2008 1

I was browsing the web last night when I saw the following ad from StubHub. Did StubHub’s ad manager call in sick this week or are they really trying to rub it in the

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Don’t Worry, Usher is Safe

Justin September 4, 2008 0

I work a few blocks from Columbus Circle, where this afternoon’s NFL Kickoff Concert is being held. Security is tight.  Actually. let me rephrase that. SECURITY IS TIGHT. I saw more cops on my way

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