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Mike Tyson playing Mike Tyson’s Punchout

Mike Tyson playing Mike Tyson’s Punchout

King Ing August 20, 2013 0

So if you ever wanted to watch Mike Tyson play his own megahit Nintendo game here is your chance. The champ takes on the chump Glass Joe. His play by play is great. Rivals

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NHL 14 will have NHL 94 anniversary mode

King Ing July 12, 2013 0

This might be the straw that breaks the camels back. I might have to give in and get a XBox or Playstation just to play this. My pathetic life will get that much more

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Nate Robinson vs the Miami Heat in NBA Jam form

King Ing May 7, 2013 0

ESPN’s SportsNation decided to give Nate Robinson’s fourth quarter game 1 heroics over the Miami Heat the NBA Jam treatment. I just wish they would have handed out some love to Joakim Noah. The

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Pavel Datsyuk’s goal in NHL ’94 form

King Ing March 19, 2013 0

Just like they do recreating NFL top plays in Tecmo Bowl form, here’s hoping this is the new trend for NHL highlights. Immortalizing the games great moments in EA Sports NHL ’94. -H/T The

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Ray Lewis gives an emotional speech for Madden NFL 13

King Ing February 1, 2013 1

Just in time for Sunday”s Super Bowl matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, EA Sports releases this ad featuring Ray Lewis. In it the LB gives us another one of his

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Super Marion Bros.

King Ing January 4, 2013 0

So the Dallas Maveericks predict they will beat OKC in round 1, The Clippers in the second round, and the Lakers in the Conference finals en route to the NBA Championship. Sounds about 100%

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Andrew Luck to Donnie Avery in Tecmo Bowl form

King Ing December 3, 2012 0

I’m a sucker for these Tecmo Bowl recreations. So as long as someone continues making them I will continue posting. Andrew Luck beats the Detroit Lions -H/T

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Play the Dikembe Mutombo video game

King Ing November 27, 2012 0

Thank you Old Spice for teaming up with the one and only Dikembe Mutumbo in this…actually I don’t think words can describe how weird this game is. You just have to play it for

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Johnny Manziel: The Tecmo Bowl version

King Ing November 26, 2012 0

Who doesn’t want to see a Johnny Manziel Tecmo Bowl highlight video?!?! Johnny Football for the Heisman

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NFL Films does it again with this Tecmo Bowl documentary

King Ing October 24, 2012 0

If you haven’t watched this documentary on the greatest game ever made, you need to do so now. Tecmo Bowl brings up some awesome childhood memories. P.S. I would crush everybody

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