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Bet Against Me is the new, free sports gambling site

King Ing May 22, 2009 3

Have you ever wanted to have a bet on sports without having to deposit real money , yet still win large cash prizes? If the answer is yes, there is now a website to

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2009 NFL Over/Unders

King Ing May 21, 2009 6

The 2009 NFL over/unders have been released and there are some interesting lines. As expected the New England Patriots top the number with 11.5 wins and the Detroit Lions bring in the low number

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OTB is a place for all ages

King Ing May 2, 2009 0

Today is Derby Day! Zach over at Midtown Lunch (one of my favorite sites) has one of the greatest pictures ever. It is a great reminder for everyone to get over to your local

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Casinos decide to ban Allen Iverson

King Ing April 14, 2009 1

You know it has to be bad when the MGM and Greektown casinos decide to ban Allen Iverson. With the amount of money he is known to lose there, his actions must be atrocious.

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Ty Lawson is the ultimate dice controller

King Ing April 3, 2009 1

Not only is Ty Lawson regarded as the best point guard in the country, it seems he has handles off the court as well. Craps is probably my favorite pit game in the casino

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I see your wine and raise you a bushell of oranges

California Correspondent December 27, 2008 0

Mayor Gavin Newsome of San Francisco and Mayor Manny Diaz of Miami have a little bet on tonight’s Emerald Bowl, where the Miami Hurricanes take on the Cal Bears at AT&T Park. Newsom has

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Vegas rooting against the cinderella Rays

King Ing September 30, 2008 0

Naturally the feel good story of the baseball season has been the Tampa Bay Rays. And wouldn’t it be a story book ending if they finished the season winning the pennant and the World

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Vegas thinks Brett Farve is only worth half a game

King Ing August 7, 2008 1

Now with Brett Farve finally a New York Jet, we can really look to see what the experts think. And by experts, I mean Vegas. Back in May the 2008 NFL Over/Under Team Totals

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2008 NFL Undefeated Odds

King Ing July 1, 2008 0

We all know that the chips are stacked against you when gambling, but as VegasWatch points out they are really against you if you bet on this prop. BetUS has released their odds on

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Devil Rays pwn3d the Yankees

King Ing June 3, 2008 2

According to the updated Bodoglife odds, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have a better chance to win the AL East than the New York Yankees. As of today, the Bronx Bombers sit seven games

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