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The best March Madness haircut

King Ing March 26, 2013 0

Anyone who would cut this mohawk and color it in with a backboard would usually be enough to get you the title for best hair of March Madness. But if you also attach a

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Florida Gulf Coast students have a message for the Gators

King Ing March 26, 2013 0

Just giving the Florida Gators a little more motivation for their Sweet Sixteen matchup. I really hope Dunk City comes ready to play

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PSG fan hurts himself while watching David Beckham play

King Ing March 5, 2013 0

This Paris Saint-Germain fan took his teams bad play over the weekend a little too hard. It looks like whatever he stomped on won the battle. Although at second glance the man fell like

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Let’s rename the Maryland basketball fans the Comcast Crazies

King Ing February 19, 2013 0

The Maryland student section had a fun and busy day. Not only did they get to rush the court after beating Duke, they also showed us how they perform a flash mob

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Florida Gators’ student section does the Harlem Shake during the Kentucky game

King Ing February 13, 2013 1

During their blowout win over the Kentucky Wildcats, the Florida Gators decided to have a little fun during one of the second half timeouts. The Cheerleaders, the Dazzlers,the mascot Albert and the Rowdy Reptiles

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Montreal loves them some Will Smith

King Ing February 7, 2013 0

While Will Smith is in Montreal shooting Hitch 2 or Bad Boys 3, he found some downtime to take in the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins game. Watch as the people controlling the big

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This Baltimore Ravens fan hurt himself celebrating

King Ing February 4, 2013 0

Sure your Baltimore Ravens just won the Super Bowl, but this is not how you want your celebration to go. I just wish the person who took the video actually didn’t stop filming. We

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Little kid rushes the court during the Oklahoma and Baylor basketball game

King Ing January 30, 2013 0

Probably being fed up his Baylor Bears were down 10, this small child decides to run onto the court and help his team start a comeback against the Oklahoma Sooners. Too bad dad didn’t

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Manchester United fan pees on Mario Balotelli’s Bentley

King Ing January 29, 2013 0

Remember when Mario Balotelli wrapped his Bentley in a camouflage paint job? Well when he takes it out in public it’s easy for people to recognize. Like this Manchester United fan did. Guess he

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Fans of the Sacramento Kings make a music video begging to keep the team in town

King Ing January 24, 2013 0

A group called the Bubblegum Bandits sing a song asking for the Sacramento Kings to stay put and not move to Seattle. No chance this happens. But you sold me on the song with

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