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Stephen Strasburg what you twerkin with

King Ing July 14, 2013 0

Now this is how you warmup! Stephen Strasburg throwing some pitches in the bullpen while some girl is twerkin all up in his face

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Young PSV Eindhoven fan leads super chant

King Ing July 11, 2013 0

During a pre-season friendly with Eindhoven FC, one young PSV fan hushed the crowd and led his fellow fans in a chant. Have to love soccer fans. I mean when they’re not rioting

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Charlotte Bobcats fans are pumped to have Cody Zeller

King Ing June 28, 2013 0

The New England Patriots fans show more support for Aaron Hernandez than the Charlotte Bobcats contingent did during their selection of Cody Zeller. Too soon

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Wrigley Field replica made out of LEGO bricks

King Ing June 20, 2013 0

Sean Kenney created this replica of Wrigley Field using close to 60,000 LEGO bricks which is now on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Wonder how long it took him to finish

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Lazio fans hold mock funeral for AS Roma

King Ing June 11, 2013 0

After winning the Coppa Italia 1-0 over hated city rival AS Roma, the fans of Lazio hit the streets to hold a mock funeral. They went all out including a priest, coffin, and crying

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Tom Brady looks a lot like Tim Tebow

King Ing June 6, 2013 0

Imagine ordering a Tom Brady Fathead for your new office. Now imagine you opening up the delivery and finding this. Anybody, but Tim Tebow. I would take a LeBron James over this. -H/T –

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David Beckham acts all adorable with his daughter on the KissCam

King Ing May 29, 2013 0

This is so cute. When David Beckham was shown on the kiss cam with his daughter Harper all he wanted was a little love. Unfortunately for him she was more focused with the Jumbotron.

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Borussia Dortmund were hit with a flash mob at the Stanstead Airport

King Ing May 28, 2013 0

What’s the last thing you probably want to see after a heartbreaking loss in the UEFA Champions League final to Bayern Munich. That’s right a freakin flash mob. Thanks to PUMA, 30 people surprised

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Guy falls off a Budweiser truck during 2013 Preakness InfieldFest

King Ing May 20, 2013 0

So now that you can’t do the Preakness Port-a-potty run anymore, one has to find other idiotic things to do in the infield for entertainment. Check out this guy trying to climb down after

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Drunk guy writes a letter declaring for the NBA draft and the NBA responds

King Ing May 10, 2013 0

After having a few drinks one night some guy on Reddit named Nemoran thought he could definitely hack it in the NBA. So what does any sane person do when he comes to this

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