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Giants fan needs to man up and stop crying

King Ing January 24, 2009 3

I hate to kick people when they seem to be down, but this guy really needs to sack up. There is no need to cry in public when your team loses. Do that in

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Security at UFC fights are tight and tough

King Ing November 26, 2008 1

BustedCoverage has a great video of a fan causing a ruckus in the stands at UFC 91. Needless to say security came over and rectified the situation swiftly…and with some harm to the fan.

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Just typical, Eli Manning doesn’t know how to shotgun a beer

King Ing November 13, 2008 1

Well it really isn’t Eli Manning, just a Giants fan in an Eli Manning jersey. You have to open the top before you shotgun the beer! At least his friends made him drop and

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Justin Timberlake has nothing on this young Phillies fan

King Ing November 8, 2008 0

So out of all the Phillies celebration videos, I think this one is definitely my favorite. As you can see, young Will holds the fate of the crowd in his little hands. Every movement

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Vodka bottle pw3ns streetlight climber in Philly

King Ing October 30, 2008 1

Thank you BustedCoverage, you made my day. Anytime I can see some dumbass climb a streetlight and get pelted in the head with a vodka bottle; it is great. What makes it even better

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The Bolton Wanderers know how to increase ticket sales

King Ing October 17, 2008 1

With the almost regulated Bolton Wanderers floundering near the bottom of the English Premier League table, the management needed to do something to boost attendance. So what did they decide to do? According to

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Wrigleyville bars stop alcohol sales from the end of the seventh for one hour

King Ing September 30, 2008 8

What are people to do now in Wrigleyville if the Chicago Cubs actually are close to clinching or getting blown out? No booze to calm those nerves or forget the devastating loss! “Bars and

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New York Jets fans can win any spelling bee

King Ing September 23, 2008 6

As tough as it is watching Matt Cassel play quarterback for the Patriots, I have to be thankful I am not a J-E-S-T supporter,

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High Fiving white guys = you know what happens

King Ing September 16, 2008 1

These two Dallas Cowboy fans sum up what it’s like to high five while being white. And by white I mean uncoordinated. This has happened to me many a times (although as I have

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How many cups can you stack on top of a drunk Mets fan?

King Ing September 15, 2008 1

RockinSteady was at the second game of the doubleheader between the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets Saturday night when a fan passed out from drunkeness. Hilarity ensues! Since the first game was a

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