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John Street would never let Phillies fans run wild like this

King Ing October 22, 2009 0

This couldn’t have been executed any better. Watch as Fox has one Phillies fan cursing while simultaneously split screening another trying to dance on a moving taxi. They had last year to practice and

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This female Detroit Lions fan was a two time loser on Sunday

King Ing September 22, 2009 3

It’s easier to just let the YouTube videographer tell the story. “The two girls in front of us were drunk before the game started. They grabbed one of our signs and trashed it (real

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Have you seen her baseball?

King Ing September 16, 2009 0

This might be the cutest thing in sports EVER. It happened last night at the Phillies game. A fan makes a great catch on a foul ball hit by Jason Werth and hands the

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Hate to see what Ricky does when Alabama loses

King Ing September 10, 2009 0

So last Saturday night Ricky gets all dressed up in his Alabama Crimson Tide gear to watch the game vs Virginia Tech with some friends. What was suppose to be a fun night watching

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The streaker that didn’t streak

King Ing August 20, 2009 0

I think the YouTube-ographer tells the story of the streaker at the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels the best: “A drunken fan takes a bet from his friends that he can run across

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And you thought what the Cubs fan did to Victorino was bad

King Ing August 13, 2009 0

Everyone is up in arms over the Chicago Cubs fan throwing a full beer on Shane Victorino of the Phillies during a routine flyball to center in last nights game. But let me tell

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Pittsburgh Penguins fan has a funny playoff beard

King Ing May 12, 2009 2

I have to admit that my love of hockey went away once the Hartford Whalers moved to Carolina. But it still doesn’t stop me from watching the occasional game (when I bet on it).

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Madonna switches teams

King Ing May 12, 2009 0

What does one do when things go sour in a relationship? Most remove themselves away from anything that reminds them of their former flames. And if you are Madonna, that means switching your allegiance

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Was Tupac Shakur at the Celtics game last night?

King Ing April 16, 2009 29

This is a WTF moment in sports television history, BarStoolSports has this great pic of a guy who looks just like Tupac Shakur. This resemblance is scary. What do you think? Is it him

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The 2009 Masters was a great feel up story of the year

King Ing April 13, 2009 0

Even though Angel Cabrera won the green jacket in a 3 way playoff, most people were talking about the Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods show. Their play was so good, it made the fans

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