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This baby has the Super Bowl winner all figured out

King Ing February 4, 2011 0

At cold as my picks are as it comes to sports gambling, I might as well let this baby make my pick for the Super Bowl winner. She has the in-depth analysis. -H/T Hot

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Just give me the damn jersey

King Ing January 11, 2011 1

After Stevenage’s 3-1 upset win over Newcastle in the FA Cup some fans decided to run onto the pitch and celebrate with the players. Unfortunately for Scott Laird one of the supporters had a

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Someone stole Lee Corso’s head!

King Ing December 6, 2010 0

One of my favorite parts of College Gameday is the predictions section where the great Lee Corso dons the headgear of who he thinks will win that Saturday’s marquee matchup. That part of the

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I guess the San Francisco Giants now have an official chant

King Ing October 25, 2010 1

If I catch California Correspondent doing this San Francisco Giants chant/dance during the World Series I am going to punch him in the face. Just when I thought I could root for the Giants

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Leave it to Yankees fans

King Ing October 20, 2010 1

To figure out a way to drop about 50 F bombs in a ten second span after the Robinson Cano homerun. I can’t stop watching this. You find something new each and everytime you

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College Football Tailgate Dance-off

King Ing September 28, 2010 1

Who is the winner? Shirtless LSU fan

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Someone is excited about the Phillies taking over first place

King Ing September 8, 2010 0

Actually I am pretty ecstatic, but I guess this guy is just a little more excited. It was Phillies boob grab fun night. I love how the video replays it over and over and

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Balls to the face are fun for no one

King Ing September 7, 2010 0

I feel bad for this young man. All he probably wanted to do was get to a Dodgers game early and catch some batting practice. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t paying attention and caught

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Idiot Does Thing That Is Dumb

Justin August 25, 2010 0

Are you a fan of a professional sports franchise? Do you hope they achieve their goals during their upcoming campaign? THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. You must put yourself through a physical test to prove

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The Cowboys are truly America’s team

King Ing August 18, 2010 0

Only in America will you find a shirtless guy in a kitchen sing a song about the Dallas Cowboys making the Super Bowl. Actually you will probably find fans from all over the world

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